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and that the world is always our fault
when we did nothing, how did we do wrong?
The grin faded into an understanding smile, noticing the lack of spirit in his eyes, knowing that it was reflected back from her own. She felt sorry for that but, as that trademark roguish grin was cast over at her, her smile turned into a playful smirk. "I'll gladly wipe that stupid look off your face any day."

Everything he had said was still true and she thought about that for a moment. The past was heavy and dark but, there was a way to push through it. Sunjata had, given time, so why couldn't she do it too? She owed herself the opportunity at something more, better; the chance to pull through the pain to become anew. She could be anything she wanted to be here. Her past only followed her because she had let it, and it would continue until she put an end to it.

Something was stopping her from fully embracing that idea, though, and it was not her sisters this time. It was a darker part of her life, one that plagued her mind since the day it happened. Questions gone unanswered for too long. So, she made a promise to herself in that moment. If she could figure out a way to let go of it, to get closure and allow that part of her to be gone, she would make room for a new beginning. A new story. She would forever close the chapter that was her previous life.

She stood up to refill their glasses. As she handed him his, she clinked her own against it one last time, "Cheers, Sunjata... to this life."

and I've been thinking that when we thought
the world would break us, that we weren't wrong

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