Training turn you into ruins
for Aisha!
Melita Najya

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they should have checked the ashes
of the women they burned alive
Caught again, and Melita had to justify the length of her smirk, the merriment of her laughter against the tirades and onslaughts. She followed through on the woman’s thrust, parrying once more, the lift of her hand snagging at the ensuing blade, drawn back into smooth conjectures and episodic movements. Neither seemed overwhelming or overbearing, both sinuously combined into their strikes and efforts – no blood spilled, no adversarial abhorrence, no sanctimonious beseeching. Just meeting strike for strike, assault for assault, siege for siege.

She was growing tired, but it was a good tired; not the weight of exhaustion, not the pulse of worn, beleaguered fatigue. It was a listless notion in her muscles, used and composed, and within her mind, forced to think, pulse, and predict.

But all wonderful things had to come to an end, and they’d done impeccably well with one another, as opponents, as allies, as compatriots. Rather than push for an agonizing outcome, it was best to settle it into the dust and sand here – another level of growth for the honeybee. “Well done.” She stepped back, signaling the ceasefire. “You can come find me whenever you want to have another go.” Then she sheathed her blade, unfolding her hand to shake Aisha’s, a winsome little grin still planted, still there, in the depths of her features.

Then the youths could part; instilled and infinite creatures of armaments and munitions.

because it takes a single wild ember
to bring a whole wildfire to life

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