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Aisha Khai

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Amun passed her the hammer from the freshly built shelving, and Aisha blew a little kiss of thanks before hurrying back off to finish her own task. Getting the nails into the wood and wall behind it wasn't necessarily the hard part, the woman certainly had the brawn, it was the keeping the nails steady while she hammered. The final product was a bit crooked and crude, but quite literally nothing a wardrobe or other furnishing couldn't cover up.

So she smiled and moved on, the mouse problem out of sight and mind for now she returned to sorting, piling up the rest of the junk to be removed and starting to sift through the salvageable, placing goods in separate piles to be put away once she'd finished organizing. Halfway through her work she heard a voice, turning around to see the freckled face of a relatively new friend. He asked about a paint brush, or roller, and with a nod she sifted through a pile that she'd mentally noted as the 'arts and crafts pile' before pulling out a wide brush.

"This do?" she asked, handing it over with a grin.

Aisha sorts the rest of the trash out and starts organizing the good materials into piles (and gives henry a brush)
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Amun Arlun
Potter / Chief Advisor

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Henry's painting, what little he did of it, as well as Aisha's sorting went well. Eying the other man as he entered the Guild, the potter ambled over at the woman's question. As the guild master did, he grabbed three rollers and three paint pans.

"I think these will do better. No offense." Handing out the roller to Henry, Amun nodded at the exit. "Why don't we all work together to finish the outside? Aisha, once you've put everything away and taken out the junk, you can join us if you'd like." He left the third roller and pan for her just in case.

Regardless of their response, the potter would head. Given that he'd had to rally the troops, so to speak, he didn't make much progress on the wall he'd chosen, but hopefully once all three of them were working it would go smoothly and quickly.

Almost done folks! No post order. Please summarize your characters actions at the bottom of your next post.

Henry succeeded in painting. Aisha gave him a brush and Amun found a paint roller and pan.
Aisha succeeded in sorting. She just needs to put the supplies away and then come help with the painting.
Amun succeeded in painting.
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