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Loren had glared at the spot Finn had just disappeared from for a long moment. It wasn't until Astra nudged the healer that he realized he was growling and fur had spread across his arms again, his teeth were fang-like, and his fingers clawed. Shoving back against his chair, he stalked out of the infirmary, taking deep breaths as he did. His luxere stared after him, but stayed behind.

By the time he reached Morgan's office, the shifting was mostly under control. Only his eyes, gleaming like a lion's, remained. He rapped his knuckles against the wood of the door. "Warden Aristomache? It's Loren. Might I have a moment of your time? I just met a member of the Order." He stepped back, clasping his hands behind his back.
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Morgan looked up from her desk, quite surprised at what she saw - not because it was Loren, but because of the odd sheen to his eyes, which were feline in nature. She rose an eyebrow, wondering what had happened to make him quite so agitated; he didn't make her wait long for that answer, swiftly revealing that he'd met a member of The Order.

Having only recently heard of the organisation from Deimos, it seemed that these people were suddenly becoming very relevant. Morgan straightened up and nodded, gesturing for Loren to sit opposite her. "I see. You seem stressed. Did you argue with this person?" She knew they held rather extreme views, but not how open they were with them; it certainly sounded like she herself wouldn't get along with a member, so she wouldn't blame Loren if he had failed to.
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