A dim remembered story
Korbin Hale
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Leave my loneliness unbroken!
- quit the bust above my door!
That sadness followed the raven as it disappeared off into the snow. It felt no sense of triumph at finally having gotten away, nor relief to find itself alone again. That was the problem. The loneliness never faded. Memories could be suppressed to the point of forgetting and there were moments when the present was all-encompassing, enough so that everything else faded and a sense of peace settled in. But it was always fleeting. Nothing the raven did could banish it entirely.

If only being around others actually helped. If only familiar faces and known voices did not so clearly display what was lacking, what had been lost. Some wounds were too deep to ever fully heal. Some losses too great to overcome.

It appeared that the person known as Korbin still wasn't ready to return. So the raven flew on. Off. Beyond the reach of anyone who might still care.

- Fin
Quoth the Raven,

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