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"Oh, I do like that." Caiside all but purred, arching up to press his body against Bastien's. The hand that roamed over his torso made him sigh, a smile cracking the contented look on his face as the fingers moved up to brush against his lips. Without a thought, Caiside parted his lips and darted his tongue out against the pad of Bastien's thumb, a tease, or maybe a suggestion.

Any other retort's he may have had were silenced by Bastien crashing their lips together, Caiside's hand reflexively coming up to twist in the priests hair, long nails only just dragging across his scalp. Just as he was growing breathless, Bastien's hips pressed against his own, making him draw in a sharp gasp and tip his head back. A chorus of soft sighs began to sing out of Caiside, the notes keening as teeth scraped against his neck.  The hand the wasn't tangled in Bastien's hair came up to fumble blindly at the top fastenings of his robe, undoing them to expose more untouched skin to the mouth on his throat.

Rolling his hips back against Bastien, Caiside tried to set a faster pace. He was more than happy to let the devotee take the lead with what exactly they were doing, he simply wanted it to escalate faster. With his own chest now bare, Caiside began to reach out for Bastien's clothing, eager to touch and be touched in return.

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