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Falke Guildenstern
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Falke has asked for very little in his later life - his prayers are more for the ability to do well by others, to be worthy of Mort and Vi’s love - and if that was interpreted as needing someone to be by his side, then Fee was indeed godsent. No one will ever hear him say otherwise. The Fixer simply smiles and agrees, “I’m quite grateful for her too.”

“Ah, of course. I can imagine that a nest of baby dragons would be enough to keep one's hands full.” He can imagine that draclings were both oddly cute and slightly intimidating - entirely alien in their lifecycle to him, he thinks he might always be worried he’d done something wrong or harmful. He watches as she putters about her baskets, able to identify a common medical item or two. “And a favorite species?” He inquires, wondering if the caretaker of the Celestine had a particular favorite.
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Finding the bandages she’d require for later adornments and replaced gauzes, the youth placed them near the enclosure gate, next to a secured box where she often put supplies ready for next intervals. Another trace of a smile lingered, for eternities, perhaps, at the gratitude of bondeds and their companions, at the way everyone seemed to find a place. She did muster a laugh at the notion of the fledglings though, a brief, soft sigh following, mockingly tired, for she’d never toss off the youthful creatures and their antics. “Especially when they’re together, and each have different elements.” She’d permit Falke to dream up and fathom his own conclusions on that forefront.

The inquiry hastened to her for a moment, causing the briefest tilt of her head, losing focus on re-supplying, and more on the inquiry. “I’m not sure I have a favorite. Each one is a blessing in their own way. They all have a purpose.” To live and live and live, and then feed into the cycle of life and death. “Do you, from all the animals you’ve seen?”
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