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Aisha Khai
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Aisha gave a confident nod, the warm excitement radiated from her. Another member, another step closer to the guild's fruition. "No doubt," she echoed, scribbling something else down in her notes, perhaps pertaining to the ascended's choice, then set aside her papers to engage in the new topic.

Their first hunt, Aisha's tongue pressed against the back of her teeth as she thought, watching Elide as she mulled over answers. "We should probably start we know, get people used to hunting as a group. Ursur maybe, I've taken one down before but that's not an excuse to go in uncoordinated," she gave her proposal, but left it open. Like Noah, Elide was native, and was a hunter accustomed to the tundra. And undoubtedly, she held an opinion of her own.
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Elide Pendragon
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Elide thinks on the idea of an Ursur, only offering a quizzical turn of her chin at first. Ursurs are large, strong creatures. It's not an easy quarry by any means. In fact, it's considered quite dangerous.

"I think an Ursur would be perfect," she decides, perhaps unexpectedly, "as you said, you've hunted them before. I have taken a few down in my day as well," she smiles and there's a mischievous glint in her eyes. "That experience will lend itself to our efforts. This seems a reasonable start. It tells your guild that they're not in this for the little things. There will be great risks for great rewards." As there should be. There is no greater feeling than knowing you triumphed, especially over an obstacle you set to challenge yourself with.

"It will certainly weed out the weak," Elide adds with frost in her voice. "Those that cannot handle the first hunt will need to work hard to improve themselves for what ever comes," she eases back, though, "but I trust that you've chosen well. This will be a great adventure, Aisha." And she means this on a much grander scale than Ursurs of the Halo tundra.

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