so are the cannibals still a thing or
for Neron/Deimos
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it's a beautiful lie
Neron also looks away, but unlike his companions with heartbeats, the smell does little to bother him. "At a glance it looks fairly recent," he remarks. "It must be, for the bodies to not be completely frozen over. Do you think these were the last of them, perhaps?" Needing no excuse to get out of the house and away from the threat of fire, however considerate Deimos has been, Neron steps back out into the snow and glances around, his hands sitting back in the pockets of his coats.

"Do you think we ought to split up to try and explore the others?" he asks. "All of us are capable of holding our own, I think. If we find anything of interest we can always call out. For my part, I think the sooner we make a cursory check of this place, the better." He smirks over his shoulder at them. "Wouldn't want to be caught out here at nighttime, would we?"
it's a perfect denial
such a beautiful lie to believe in

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