(Seasonal Event) Like Stone Lions
for Amalia
Seiji Okura
Musician ☆ Artist's Sanctuary Guild
Age: 24 | Height: 5'7" | Race: Accepted | Nationality: Outlander
Level: 2 - Strg: 10 - Dext: 25 - Endr: 12 - Luck: 10
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"It feels as though I have never not been cold." Privately, Seiji agrees. He smiles as she speaks to the luxere, cheered by her kindness. If she seems sorrowful, or concerned about something else, perhaps it has nothing to do with him. Is none of his concern. He can, at least, try to be cheerful while he is with her, though. If he has nothing else to offer, Seiji can offer only his good grace.

"We can walk quickly. That will help warm us, too," he says with a last nod to the luxere. Now he thinks about it, his stomach welcomes the idea of something fresh, something warm. When was the last time he ate anything baked? He can't remember, though of course he remembers so little anyway. "I have time to stay," he answers truthfully, "If you would like some company. Is your shop far?"

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