There is no way back

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"Yes." I confirm. "They do not handle well anything that infringes upon what they take to be their jurisdiction. If you spend enough time with any of them it becomes obvious. Those within this place demonstrate the quality even more so."

I listen as he mentions keys and cages, wondering if it is an apt representation or not. Ahh well. Regardless, he is right in a sense. We are inert until we can leave, and we cannot leave until the Spire has been won.

"Your guild is in the Atheneum you say? Perhaps I shall visit you there."
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"Those in power rarely wish to share it, much less relinquish even a portion of it. I suppose that holds true for gods as well as mortals," the bard noted wryly. "And if they do find their power curtailed, as I assume the gods within the barrier have, then it makes a certain sense that they would fight all the harder to hold on to what remains to them." He tilted his head to the side, considering. "Though... for gods it might be different. A mortal can still live a full and happy life without temporal power. For a god... the power they wield may be bound to their very essence." A conundrum, if so, but it was only a hypothesis.

The conversation seemed to be winding down, and the slight breeze that occasionally stirred their pale hair was growing more bitter. Jigano nodded to his companion, smiling at the interest they showed in his guild. "You have an open invitation, when you chose to use it. Based on what you have told me, I suspect that the quarters we found for our Hall is probably the old base of the Silver Lore. Please, come and see us when you have time. Your experience and knowledge would be a welcome addition to our research."
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