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Art kid who likes frogs
Age: 23 | Height: | Race: Accepted | Nationality: Natural
Level: - Strg: - Dext: - Endr: - Luck:
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My character is an:Attuned
If Attuned: Donkey
My character is an: Natural
My character's profession is: Farmer

Age and season of birth: 19, Leafchange

Stat distribution (You have 35 points to distribute. 10/10/10/5 is a fairly standard array)

My profile is complete: Yes

Emmett was ready for level one like ages ago but I've been lagging

He has over 50 posts!

3 Explorations:
I'll Be There For You
{God Quest} The Rice Dance (First time in Glade.)
Tummy Rumblies (Can't add exploration because it's archived, but this was his first post there)

+ 5 to stg and + 5 to dex, please!

Emmett is ready for lvl 2!

Current level: 1

Level 2 requirements:

- Reach 100 posts
- Explore 3 new boards
{Mini Event} To See and Pray {OPEN TO ALL}
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
{SEASONAL EVENT} A Palmer for Long Night
- Participate in or host a personal quest
{PQ} When is a Barn a Home
- Thread with 5 other characters (3 or fewer in a thread); 2 threads must be with other Attuned
Tummy Rumblies One Character Phoebe
{Seasonal Event} feel like whistling One Character Melita
{Seasonal Event} Back To Work One Character Maea
A Chance Meeting One Character, One Attuned Caiside
{SE} for a moment I forget to worry One Character, One Attuned Amalia


For his 6 stat points can I please get +3 to luck, +1 to dex and +2 to end? Thank you!!
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