Promises Kept
Hotaru Kaito
the Valkyrie
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Maeve -

I hope this letter finds you well. That the Halenani is on its way to completion, and that your life has returned to some semblance of normal.

I won’t torture either of us with any regrets or desires. Just know I miss you.

I’ve included the paired pendant I promised you. No piece is ever exactly the same, but it is fashioned to be a duplicate of the design you chose and took with you.

I hope what you receive from Safrin will keep you safe - or strengthen you - in the times to come. It was an honor to help in that endeavor.

- Hotaru

In a velvet bag attached to the bird’s leg is the lavender filled glass pendant as promised, nestled in soft wool.
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Maeve Ansel
the Nightshade

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Hotaru -

I don't know if you'll read this, but I'm going to write as if you will because I'm entirely too selfish.

The Halenani progress is slow going, but it is progress all the same.

I spoke with Seren about Atlas and we plan to bury him properly unless you would like the chance to do so. In that case, we can arrange that, but for now his body is safe in her world and will be given the proper treatment unless you tell me otherwise.

I miss you too. So much. I hope you're safe.

Thank you for completing this for me. It will bring me great comfort and joy to have something made by you resting close to my heart. I'm forever grateful for your help.

- Maeve

There is a imprint of a kiss by her name and the paper smells faintly of lavender.
She has a British accent when she speaks.
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