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Falke Guildenstern
The "Fixer"

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All in all, it wasn’t too arduous of a task and it turns out that with the three (err, three and a half) of them, the work actually went by fairly quickly. Even he manages to get the stall decently sorted out - or at least in better shape than when he found it. And isn’t that always the goal?

Following Amalia and Lena, Falke heads over to the displaced items and grabs a few bowls, starting with the largest, so they can nest appropriately. Once the bowls are set on one of the bottom shelves, he heads back for additional things, and between the three of them, they hopefully set them in logical places. Falke even hums a little to himself, finding pleasure in the rote work and easy companionship of the two women.
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Lena Magnus
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Assembling and compiling their efforts together, Lena was a little embarrassed to see how much work had needed to be done. The creatures had always come first and foremost, but it had become unbearably obvious that she’d neglected quite a few techniques in organization. Perhaps with the way Amalia and Falke had labored and toiled with her today, she could utilize their methods and willingness to restore it to proper order – and ensure they never fell into these disassembled proportions once more.

Wiping her brow after putting away tools, she grinned once more as all three orchestrated and demonstrated their keen abilities. “Thank you all so much! These look amazing.” A pause, a moment of sheepishness. “I promise to not let them get to such a state again.” Grabbing hold of a basket, filled to the brim with things she’d procured from the local market, she offered it to them all in turn. “Take a treat, please, for all your efforts!” And with that, they could peacefully, quietly, serenely enjoy themselves beneath the beautiful Celestine’s stars – with snacks for Jyoti and Ophelia included, of course.


Thank you!

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