Character of the Year

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Character of the Year
The Character of the Year is one who has made a consistent, impactful, creative, and wide-spread impact upon the site.


You cannot nominate yourself. Though this is an award for the entire year, characters do not have to have been on the site for a year. However, 'newer' characters should only be nominated with good reason. Remember, this is an IC award based in IC merit. You may not vote for any previous winners. You may nominate one male and one female character.

Nominations will be open for 3 days, followed by 24hr voting.





- +600MP
- A pass to speak with either Mort/Rae/Vi. Or, in the case of an ancient, an intimate plot-revealing conversation with Dygra.
- A LT, or, if a character already has one, the ability to change their LT.

Previous Winners

309 PC: Deimos and Rexanna
310 PC: Remi and Amalia
311 PC: Sunjata and Phoebe
312 PC: Ronin and Wessex
313 PC: Sah and Melita
314 PC: none (post-war time skip)
315 PC: Talyson and Flora
316 PC: Dantalion and Isla
317PC: Hadama and Evie
The Best
Incredible Incredulator

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Congratulations to Hadama / Cirago and Evie / Brit!

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