Exploration Diamonds in the Rough
Jigano Silversmith
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Jigano also noticed the rising mound of rubble, caught by surprise by the previously inanimate creature. An earth elemental? he thought briefly in awe, then shook his head as he took in its slow movements and apparent lack of intelligence. "Definitely slammy," the bard agreed, "maybe even a little smashy." He quickly shifted back to stand beside the fire mage, hand resting on his sword.

For all the good that was going to do anyone.

"Pretty sure my sword can't do more than tickle it," he admitted with a grimace. "If I still had my voice magic..." He might have been able to shatter it with a few well-chosen and ear-piercing notes, but this wasn't the time to daydream. "Light it up," he agreed, with a touch of grim humor. "Pour on the power and crack this thing in half with your heat, if you'd be so kind. I'll try and distract it to buy you some space..." And time, he tactfully didn't add. Even the mother of all demon gourds hadn't gone down in an instant under her barrage. This didn't look like a particularly healthy golem, but rock was probably more resistant to fire than gourd flesh.

Stepping forward, though careful not to stand between the firemage and her target, he waved his arms at it and shouted: "Hey, rocks-for-brains! I hear your mother was a millstone - she really got a round!" In another place and time those words might have cast a spell to stop the creature in its tracks with uncontrollable cursed laughter. In this place and this time, however, it merely roared and began shambling at the bard - though whether because it understood him or just because he was capering and making the most noise was anyone's guess.

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