Diamonds in the Rough
Jigano Silversmith
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"Oh, reading, of course," he teased. "We're called the Loreseekers, and we track down answers to questions - our own, or whatever people bring us. Usually those answers are in books in the Atheneum, but sometimes they're in people's minds or experiences. For instance, if someone came to me with a question on fire magic, I would come ask you to find the answer." He tipped his young friend a wink. "And sometimes answers have to be found by going out and seeking. If someone wants a map of the Underground to get to that new shrine that was found, for example, I'd assemble a team to go down and create one." It wasn't all books, after all. Just mostly.

He tilted his head at her answer, a smile widening his lips. "Then maybe you won't have to wait very long at all to find out what I'm making," came the mischievous chuckle. Her own question - impertinent as it was - had him laughing. "Madame! I swear I'm not a day over eighty-five!" he declared, pretending to be offended - and then using the excuse to double over a bit and wheeze like an old man. Sadly, it wasn't entirely an act since the bag of ingots wasn't getting any lighter. "Hmmm not having months makes it a little harder to tell the time, but I suppose... I must have turned twenty-seven recently?" he hazarded, only a little more seriously. "Though it certainly feels like fifty, some days!"
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Edrei Launceleyn
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"Pfffffft" Edy chuckled happily. "Last time I was in the atheneum I got given shit from Loren and Amalia for trying to save their asses. It isn't my fault books are so flammable." She said with a mischievous grin and casual shrug of her shoulders. "Well, fire magic is hot, and does this—" So saying, a stream of fire fanned ahead of them, burning brightly for about 10ft being dying out and leaving only Edy's bright cackle of laughter in its wake.

The teenager clapped Jigano heartily on the back during his little charade. "27 might as well be a hundred." Edy mused with another bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

As they walked, Edy of course offered her services for any fun adventures Jigano's guild might go on, crinkling her nose at the more boring academic pursuits. She filled the silence easily with gossip about Bastien and his exploits, filling the bard in on some of the less savory details of what had gone on in the backroom of the little get-together at the 'church', and how she planned to spend her LongNight at the Rathskeller pouring drinks and trying to con the gullible men into arm-wrestling contests with her.

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