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Seren Taliesin

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You have so much of everything but still you wanted more
"I'll keep that in mind," she laughed, and straightened up as he shifted away. "Such a burden, to be so loved... Whatever shall we do." Nothing, really. Except for get up, dress up, and show up to do what had to be done.

Right now, that meant settling the bill and going for a walk. Seren gulped down the last dregs of her chocolate - it was cold now, but still delicious - and took her father's offered hand in order to rise.
"A walk sounds great. Thank you for breakfast," she told him, as they headed for the door. "Say... do you think people here have different words for the kind of snowfall they get? Because I've been thinking, there's a huge difference between snow and snow, and it has to get tedious to just say 'It's snowing' every morning..."

And it was on that note the café was left behind. The comfort of the conversation would linger long after the taste of chocolate and pancakes had faded... which was a good thing, considering the difficult talks yet ahead.

Starlight (Passive) | Starfilled night billow around her like a veil as she moves. It is more noticeable in daytime and when she make sudden movements.

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