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Nate’s confirmation only makes Sunjata more uneasy, settling with difficulty in the woods where the trees had just reached out to attack them. The dragon sits there with Nate on his back, a blanket of wings draping over the Ascended, the Attuned’s hand clutching the vial as if it held all the answers to Nate’s story through the chill in the air.

It doesn’t, though, the end of the story done without any resolve and Sunjata’s scaled lips flatten as his wings press in harder to try and give Nate the comfort he seeks. It went through all of that? He asks with another chill, another shiver down his spine before he’s lifting up off of the ground onto all three feet, still clutching the vial to his chest as he slips toward the edge of the wood with Nate still on his back. I'm glad you both made it out. He says softly, a rumble of agreement from the dragon that considers the Ascended on his spine to be his treasure.

I’ve had enough of the woods for a few days I think. He comments quietly, pausing to draw his head back around to peer at Nate. Let’s go back to the VlamVloed, yeah? Where they can curl up in one of the rooms and Nate can soothe the discomfort his story had sown, and where Sunjata might be able to see what hides beneath the bandages of his husband’s head (and see just how much hair is missing and what exactly happened to him).

- FIN <3333
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Sunjata speaks with an Australian accent!

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