can i interest you in everything?
Everest Hart

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Ever frowns to hear that the way he learns must not be the same as most people. It's either that, or perhaps he just isn't very bright. "I...guess, yeah?" He tries for optimism, and even for a smile, not that he succeeds very well in either.

As uncomfortable giving compliments as receiving them, Ever blushes in tandem with his new-I-guess-we-are-friends-now, friend. "Yeah. Really good." He mumbles, tugging at one of his ears self consciously. Blinking his surprise, Ever doesn't know if the best thing for him to do is say yes so as not to disappoint Ever, or no, because surely he's just offering to be polite?

"Uhm. Yeah that would be really nice. I'll have to ask my parents know, if you want to spend time with your dads I can always go and do other things.." Like what, Ever? Like huddle nervously near the Taliesin's home with a sketchbook, counting down the hours until you can return back to your normal routine?

Why yes. Yes exactly that.

Returning back to the bench where first Teo's homework had initiated this impromptu friendship, Ever presses his fingers through his curls. "Okay so...tomorrow then? After history?"
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Mateo Taliesin

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As good as Mateo apparently is at a lot of things, he continues to completely miss Ever's social awkwardness - or maybe it just doesn't matter to him. (Either is possible). "Maybe we can do some art together next class," he suggests with a bright smile; it would actually be nice to have someone to hang out with, and part of the reasoning behind his apparent talent is because he spends much of his time with his head in his notebook.

"Sure," he murmurs with a gentle smile, though even Mateo isn't stupid enough not to realise that he ought to take care of friends who are coming to visit. "Or maybe you could visit for a day trip or something?" is his back-up suggestion, the boy smiling and shuffling his feet as they linger next to Ever's bench.

"Tomorrow after history," he confirms, patting the pocket with his folded up homework in it. "Thanks again for saving this. See you soon, Everest!"

And without further ado, off Mateo trots back towards the Collegium.


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