To Warden Aristomache
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Dear Warden Aristomache,

I hope you will forgive me for writing to you instead of coming in person.

Recent events in Halo have alarmed and worried me in both my personal and professional capacities. I am relieved to hear that there has been little bloodshed, and I do not wish to see further strife, regardless of whom it may benefit.

I recognize that the original breach of Halo's neutrality came from Noah and Hotaru, not you, but I must ask whether you seek to restore it, or if Halo has officially turned towards the Voice.

We live in difficult times. Whatever your answer, you have my respect, as a leader and as an individual.


Juniper Dubois
the Amberwing
Greatwood Guardian

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Now, more than ever, Halo's neutrality is a closely held ideal of mine. I aimed for our Citadel to be a safe place for anyone regardless of race or God before the takeover and I do now after it. Noah, Hotaru and Deimos aimed to destroy that neutrality in favour of the Old Gods, not asking our citizens their opinions and ignoring the democracy that makes our Citadel great.

I work with both the Ascended and everyone else in the Citadel and intend to continue doing so. If you wish to come and see this in action you are welcome to the Council Hall at any time. As long as you are willing to treat our Ascended citizens with respect, they will treat you the same.

In these times of great divide I appreciate your sentiments. I hope we can continue to work towards a world where loyalties to Gods do not pull us apart so. I hope the best for the Greatwood.
Yours Sincerely,

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