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Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword

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The Sword might’ve felt guilty if the tiger hadn’t represented a potential threat, and he’d lessen the burden by ensuring each portion of the animal was used, suited for a purpose. Not a waste in the onslaught, not a damnation scorched over bones for no reason – there’d been protection instilled in the fiber of his siege.

Perhaps the Nightshade had the same thought, as she went for a fang. He arched a brow, pondering if she’d use it for some other purpose – there could be a great many tools orchestrated from it, given application of deities or other incantations. With her fine and no outright injuries, there was no necessity for Zuriel’s healing, and the unicorn lessened her instinctual inquiry over the bonds. Deimos nodded, tilting, studying, examining the tiger. It was a shame they’d ruined the pelt. “Do you have any other need for it?” Either way, he could portion it out, take proportions back to the shelter in King’s End, and Maeve could do the same for Torchline.
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Maeve Ansel
the Nightshade
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Maeve puts the tooth into her bag, straightening up with a breath, looking over to him and nodding. "I'll take some of the claws and whatever teeth you don't want, but the rest can be split evenly." She has use for all of them, but she's willing. Maeve helps him with what she can. She's not the most well versed at skinning and gutting, but she follows whatever instruction he gives her. Between the two of them they manage to get it broken down into something more manageable.

She doesn't take as much as him, needing the meat way less than he does, having less people to feed, but what she does take is appreciated. "Thank you. I hope Deepfrost is kind to you." Maeve offers him with a soft smile and a dip of her head. With that, they go their separate ways, apologies made and meat gathered.

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