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Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood

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// the edge is getting closer, it's a long spiral down. it's so fun to fly 'til you hit the ground
i think i'm getting too close, i think i'm getting too close //
It is.” He confirms about expectations of how Paige was doing with Kamaria gone. He follows Maeve, though, heading toward where he might be able to pick up some liquor, still with Edmund resting soundly against his chest. His gaze finds hers when he asks about how Torchline is.

There’s a moment of confusion that lances across his face, not understanding immediately what the Court was, until it registers. “Ah. That’s good.” He takes a deep breath and sighs quietly. “I turned in the monsoon protection as well so you’ll have to let me know how that works, come Longheat.” He offers as his gaze slips away and they reach the space, focusing on reading the labels and types as he decides which to get.

He can’t remember if he’s told her he turned it in or not, so many things were and had been happening. But he works his jaw as he reads the labels, the scar twisting and tugging with the movement.
it's hard to get to heaven with my head in my hands
No permission needed for power play!
Feel free to use magic/force on Sunjata, without killing him <3
Sunjata speaks with an Australian accent!

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