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Ronin Taliesin
the Huntsman
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The letters have been sent and the preparations are in order, and even though it's Deepfrost and this is hardly the weather to be sailing a skyskip nor building a skyport, here they are. Ronin, bundled up enough not to feel the cold but not too much so as to lose the ability to climb, awaits the group at the top of the Observatory. They will need to create the skyport on one of the large boughs which branches off into the sky, so as not to impede the fae and their stargazing.

For now the Huntsman is merely checking over their materials; logs and planks of wood, nails and tools and enough fuel to keep them warm and the tree well-lit for long enough that they can do what they need to without working blind. He's got a sketch, too, weighed down by rocks on a small table cleared of snow and ice, so he can refer back to it.

This will be a PQ+ to create a skyport in the Greatwood!

1. Remi
2. Maeve
3. Phoebe
4. Deimos
Maeve Ansel
the Nightshade
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This was something she'd been waiting to hear about. An offer she'd given many moons ago. Now, thankfully, she's physically able to make good on it. It's still hard to leave Edmund behind, but a construction site is nowhere for a baby. He's tucked away safely at the Halenani for the time being, watched over closely by her girls and it's one of the few things she'd doesn't have to worry about.

Finding Ronin isn't hard and Aidon trails behind her as her boots crunch through the dusting of snow that covers the ground. She offers him a smile and a wave before stuffing her hands back into her pockets. "Tell me where you want me!" Maeve chirps, moving to examine the plans while they wait for the rest to gather.

Maeve brings herself and Aidon! She waits for further instructions.
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Remi Taliesin
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'What are you doing here?' The words are out and more than a touch gruffly, before the alchemist can think better of it. Frowning at Maeve, Hotaru's recent trek across the world with their newborns still a bright and prickly thorn in his paw, has the madam's presence here immediately ruffling his feathers. In his hair, Oria gives a sharp tug of one of his curls, and though her small presence is mostly hidden by his hair, her bright and disappointed chittering was easily heard by all. Still frowning, though more at himself now than the Nightshade, Remi swallows and gives his head an apologetic shake.

"Sorry, what I meant was...I am surprised to see you here, given your newborn." Clearly not pregnant anymore by the look of her, it didn't take a genius to figure out that Maeve had obviously given birth.

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Phoebe Steadman
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"Maeve? What are you doing here?" came the bright voice of the midwife as she stepped through the trees. She had been making her rounds within the Greatwood, finding the familiarity of the forest a nice change from Stormbreak. Or maybe it was because Remi and Ronin were there that she had decided to extend her stay. The world may never know.

She knew very well that Maeve had recently given birth to her child, having been the attending midwife that helped deliver the child. Why was she all the way out here? The demigoddess didn't question where the child was, knowing all too well how the brothel workers came together to help raise each other's children. Instead she wondered why she wasn't back home resting still! Straining her body wouldn't be good, even if she was fully healed. She had a baby to keep fed most of the time after all! Physical stress could cause her to stop producing! But alas, this was Maeve's decision to make - she could only advise against it.

For the moment though she smiled in greeting to Remi before looking over at Ronin. "Thought I might come and help while I was in the area!" she said brightly.
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Deimos Ignatius
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Deimos had been in the area, assisting with a variety of tasks throughout the Deepfrost’s reign; a time for some manner of penance, reparations, and damage control. After helping with Juniper, and extending whatever necessities there, there’d been note of a skyport being hastened and built along the Observatory. He hadn’t been witness to any being built; Halo hadn’t had any in its isolated sanction. Curiosity compelled, and if they required more aid, he was already there – figuring his magic and skills might be of some use.

Permitting his companions to stay out of the way, he went to join those already there, granting a nod to each by way of greeting. “I can help, if you still need some,” he gestured and rumbled to Ronin and the assembled crew. If not, he could always be on his way, and there’d be no offense taken.
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