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For Edmund <3
Maeve Ansel
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My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room
Her smile grows wider and her eyes shine as he unwraps the gift, gasping in awe at the softness of it, holding it close to him as he leans into her for a hug. Maeve laughs, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a gentle squeeze, "I'm so glad you like it. I made it special just for you." She'd been working on it when he was still a little thing, hoping to have to done before Longnight, wanting him to have something of comfort to cling to when she couldn't be there.

"Go on. Open up the rest, starlight." Maeve encourages, releasing him from the hug so he might dive into the other things she's gotten together for him. There are books, a leather bound journal, a few toys, and other little bits and bobs throughout for him to enjoy.
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Edmund Ansel

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At Maeve's words, Edmund looks back at the blanket with awe. "You made this mummy? Wow! That makes it extra extra special!" Wrapping the blanket around himself in a cozy cocoon, the child returns to the rest of his presents. Each one receives a heartfelt "Thank you mummy!", and varying degrees of excitement. But Edmund loves each and every gift.  

As the night lengthens, Edmund soon grows tired. The warmth of his blanket, as well as being curled up with his mum and Aidon, is soothing. The hot chocolate is delicious but that too has the child's eyes growing heavy. Soon enough he's nodding off against the dragon's shoulder. There will be a brief moment of confusion when he wakes up in his bed, but for now he sleeps peacefully.

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