all rivers flow to the sea
Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword

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BELIAL - Mythical - Peryton (Blend) ZURIEL - Mythical - Unicorn (Healing)
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Before Caido and opportunities, all the Sword had ever known were his limbs and legs – carrying him across battlefields, through groves, amidst and amongst shadows, partaking in the wayfaring stretch of lives and lands. But no one had asked him such a question, and he wasn’t entirely certain how to respond. He thought for a moment, a stretch of quiet as he swam, as muscles bounded and stretched. Grounded came eventually; weight in the soul, rather than in the sky or within the sea. And yours? Tentacles and the like.

The sudden rally of excitement snapped into the bond, and ordinarily he would be eager, ready, for any sort of bemusement, race, and invoking of competition. But this one he wasn’t entirely too certain of – considering it was his first time below the depths. It might take more than one session to orient himself around, so the denial came on a shake of his head. I do not. He paused, not wanting to take away from the potential rampage and challenge though. Point me in the right direction. Then they could make a swim for it; a telltale Cheshire grin making its way along his features.
who we were before bones, before dirt, before even light
we have always been deep, restless souls

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