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Council meeting
Varus Callahan
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It’s also uncomfortable for Varus who was far more used to being the shadow in the night rather than up front and waltzing through Stormbreak for information. Perhaps it might be worth trying to push themselves out toward the other lands, getting tidbits of information about Stormbreak at the Port in Torchline rather than diving headfirst in.

Or, as Isla and Wessex have mentioned, using the informant they may have. “I think we should use the informant. We can compare and see what they come back with and go from there, decide if we want to make a stance… But for now, I think keeping ourselves close to home might be for the best.” His gaze lifts to Bastien now, flashing him a small crooked smile despite feeling everything but amused. “Getting into Stormbreak I feel like will become an all hands on deck situation and we really don’t have the numbers.” But once they knew more? Maybe then they could dive into the awful city.

He pushes up from the chair to step toward the book, his gaze slipping over the pages once Wessex has opened it, brows drawing together curiously as he sees just what sits in it and his stomach drops a fraction at the visual of just how many relics the opposing side versus themselves. “Alright, so… We can see all the demigods and who has what relic.” He lifts his gaze to Wessex then to Bastien, then to Isla. “We can know who to avoid or who to try and steal from…” Though, with Remi holding a couple of the relics, that feels like an impossible feat.
Wessex Theskyra
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Wessex is already mentally aligned with Isla and Varus when it comes to whether or not Bastien should go to Stormbreak. Which means she doesn’t have to play the big-bad-naysayer and can gesture to their other two council members. “I think if Isla and Cal are concerned, those concerns ought to be taken into serious consideration. Let me see what the informant can get, if anything -” If he’s even gone yet, she thinks, “And then we can decide, hmmm? We’re a council.” Even if she is a demigod and often off on her own, she wants to make sure the others don’t feel pushed aside.

Passing the book around after she’s skimmed it, and I’m sorry if it wasn’t obvious that they can have the Discord info in this recent round of posts Wessex falls quiet again, considering what she’s learned. It’s obvious that this is the book the Voice spoke of, but she dares not let any true hope blossom in her chest. Instead, she tries to focus on what these powers mean for their side. Everything she and Nate and Azrael have are laid out there too, in black and white. They can measure up the sides.

She is incredibly grateful for how Nate’s turning out. It probably warrants a visit. “If I didn’t think killing Noah would start the war early, I’d do it, but - Ronin seemed pretty dedicated to protecting him at the Sea of Glass. I knew Locke had a relic, but not what it did. That’s interesting. He, at least, doesn’t seem too anti-Ascended.” But then again, his relic is indiscriminate. “And the Prince?! She clearly is behind on that bit of information.

Looking to the other three she ventures another question. “We should probably consider our next steps. Where do we stand on the Spire? Should we think about more non-magical defenses?”
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Bastien De Rosieres
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It seemed that for now, the council didn't want him to go on the mission, which honestly was not too much of a blow for Bastien. While he absolutely would have done it, not one to stand down from his words, he wouldn't complain about getting to stay safely at home for the time being. "Alright. I will focus on the memorial and the moral in the Grounds." He said with a smile.

Talk of relics, Demi Gods and the Spire all felt a bit over his head, but he tried to contribute. "Defenses of all kinds are a good idea, as many as we can gather. I know some Ascended are moving here for their own safety, given the gathering hostility. I want to be sure we can guarantee that protection." So Bastien could promise them they'd be alright and mean it.
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