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(Each letter is almost carved into the parchment, such that you can feel their ridges with your fingertip if you're so inclined. The letters are ill-formed though, but not because of a lack of intentionality.)

Dear Finn,

Those who make up the caravans in Hak Etme have noticed a surprising change: plants of all sorts have been growing with shocking speed, only to quickly die. I believe their growth must be magical in nature as the sands do not provide the nourishment for these plants, and yet they have grown just the same. Why this mystery horticulturalist lets them die after I do not know. I've found over thirty different species so far from all over Caido, none of which are native to Hak Etme. I have enclosed a few samples.

Perhaps you already know this information. If so, this letter can simply be added to your report as first-hand testimony.

(There is no closing salutation)
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