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Chrys was conflicted. A rare occurrence, especially when it came to exploring new places. Usually, she'd charge right in and think about it later. But in this case, she didn't. After meeting Remi and seeing him as a Kraken, she had gotten all the more interested in the rumor about a Kraken at the bottom of the Maw. But she knew that if there was a Kraken there, it might not be friendly towards her. And knowing how big it could be, she realised that just charging in there was a whole new level of recklessness.

Then again, she had managed to get out of a lot of danger in the past. Why not this one? She could at least check out the surface of the maw. Like scouting the area. Meanwhile, she was idling about at the shore of some Kualii isles nearby the Maw. Thinking back and forth, she was swimming around the isles, every now and then popping up on the surface and watching the isles before disappearing into the ocean again. To someone on the surface or on one of the isles, she might look nothing more than someone out for a swim.
If Chrys uses the attuned bond/mermaid telepathy to communicate, assume she also transfers her current emotional state unless stated otherwise.

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