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While many were coming to the underwater city to find reprieve from the blazing sun above, Andromeda found herself moving more towards the surface. She found herself resting halfway in the water of the shores of one of the ever-changing isles, letting the sun warm her skin. She was completely naked and unashamed as she sunbathed, her brilliant red tail flowing and flicking in the shallow waters that lapped over her bare chest. She breathed deeply and slowly, relaxation the only feeling that could be interpreted from her.

She listened to the islands shift, the waves crash against sand, the gulls caw — all of it was nice as she lazed in the shallow waters, not a care or a responsibility weighing her down. The sunlight raging down on her made the beads of water sparkle as she lifted cupped hands to wet herself every few minutes. She stretched lazily, shifting her position some, but never leaving her task at hand.

Soft ones, curled lips can’t get ‘em back

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And black moons in those eyes of hers
It had been some time since Kallan had taken her bestial form of a gore crow. Her feathers were tickled in the draft she was taking for a ride, deep blue waters in place of the scarred landscape she was used to. Perhaps in her humanoid form the sudden drops and twists she navigated would cause her stomach to turn, but knowing her wings would always catch her all she feels now is the unbridled joy that freedom brought. The gulls nearby echoed her thoughts with their strident calls to one another.

The winds had taken her much further than she intended to go. The coastline she flew along now looked inviting though unfamiliar as her stamina waned. Kallan spread her wings wide as she rides the current downward, lazily spiraling downwards to find a temporary roost.

Movement of bright red catches her eye as she angles towards it to approach from above. It's only a few moments before she comes close enough to notice the mermaid attached to the alluring source of striking red fins visible now. Was it possible for birds to forget how to fly? Kallan swears she does when her eyes come to rest on the mers bare chest and any chance of a graceful landing on the cliffs above goes out the window. She flaps her wings frantically with a startled caw, the rocks face approaching much faster than she intended them to. It's a few precarious hops before she gains purchase, ruffling her feathers as she turns to face the water once more, hoping she hadn't disturbed present company.

Definitely not because she couldn't help herself from staring at the entrancing creature.

Made more sense to me

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