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there was no where for me to stay, but I stayed anyway
"I can imagine." The aviator confirms with a decisive nod, and though he has never been prone to jealousy in his life, his academic inclinations do feel slightly aroused and jilted both, to hear of just how well-read his bench partner is.

"Mine is an eagle." Ever supplies; any normal person would suggest that they go flying together, but of course, Ever was not normal. Instead, he merely fought the urge to open a page in his notebook to write down details about Sohalia - her shift, for instance - and instead makes a mental note to do it once their conversation had ended. Mateo had told him once that people didn't like having notes written about them, especially while they were present.

"Mateo has a skyboat that I fly for him. Maybe since we all know each other we could go so that you could map out some of the more difficult regions. I could focus on flying, that way, and not trying to do both."
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