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Alys Glasse

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The fire crackled merrily in the hearth, its warmth spreading throughout the bar. Despite the fact that it was indeed Longheat, Halo remained just barely at freezing, and the bar was nice and cozy. Alys had taken up residence on a corner couch, a mug of ale at her side and a few decks of cards spread before her.

She sipped from her mug thoughtfully. It had taken her some thought, but she'd decided to offer lessons in the Tarot to (hopefully) entice new clients to come to her for assistance. If she could show how it worked, she thought, then perhaps people wouldn't be so wary of it. So she'd put up posters and passed out fliers, and now that it was the appointed date and time, she simply waited on her pupils to arrive.


This is an open PQ where Alys will teach how to read the Tarot!

1. open
2. open
3. open

Please post your characters arriving!
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Talyson Seawright
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Did Tal understand tarot? Nope.

Did he want to learn more about it? Not particularly.

Did he want to support his friend? Well... yeah, of course.

Since tarot was important to Alys, he figured it couldn't hurt to learn more about it as part of learning more about her. So when he saw the fliers go out he decided he could take an afternoon off from delivering to give her class a try. Structured learning had never been his strong point, but he could at least listen in and get a better feel for it. Maybe some of it would even stick!

The Kraai wasn't his favorite bar - there'd been too much weird drama there in the past - but he sauntered in at the appointed time in a short-sleeved tunic to enjoy the Longheat 'warmth' (and his Frostbite Cuff to make it feel less chilly) and pulled up a chair, offering Alys a smug grin as he flopped into it. "Present an' 'counted for, teach!"

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