Personal Quest {Magic Training} Echolocation
Alys Glasse

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By the end of the training, Alys was, shall we say, pleased as punch with how well her illusions had worked. When she'd first arrived in Halo, she'd thought her magic nearly useless, but look at how far she'd come! When Ru's signal came and Alys removed her blindfold, it was to the Valkyrie that her gaze went, pride shining in her eyes at her performance, even if she didn't know where she ranked in comparison to the other students.

"Thanks, Ru!" she practically chirped, grinning in a rather uncharacteristic way at both Ru and Sah, who she knew only by association with the Academy. To her fellow student, she nodded. "Same to you. I'd be happy to train together." Even though she didn't know exactly what Sah had done, what with the blindfolds and all, she knew that he must have done something talented to earn Ru's praise.
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