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It's been a little while - sorry for not touching base sooner. I wish it were about something more positive, too.

Safrin has been in contact with Deimos and I regarding... well, even she isn't sure what it could be. But it's something that could have huge consequences for Caido as a whole.

We wanted to address the leaders of the regions, and the Refuge would make perfect neutral ground for such a meeting. I'll also be contacting the demigods to invite them along too (please count this as your invitation).

Would we have permission to use the space please? This seems like it's bigger than all of us.

~ Ronin
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Ronin —

Calmness seems almost too good to be true these days.

Of course you can use the Refuge. There are some people that still live there but they shouldn’t intrude on any meetings. There’s a larger building in the center that can be used for the meetings and I can make sure it’s prepared whenever you need it to be.

Frey mentioned something similar to Phoebe and I recently. Perhaps we should investigate with them further as well.

— SW
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