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Harper Quinn
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In the heart of Haulani, near the Fountain so any Mer could arrive easily, the Court of Stars is most often used as the backdrop for large meetings and decision-making. This afternoon, it is the setting for a rather unfortunate, somber sharing of news. Though it takes some time for a healthy crowd to gather, Harper does not mind the waiting - especially given the normally omnipresent heat of the sun is at its lowest during the current season.

Clearing his throat slightly, Harper glances briefly at Hadama, silently communicating agreement that it's a good time to start before venturing on.

"We have learned of rather serious news at a meeting of the demigods and leaders." Hands clasping in front of himself, Harper cuts right to the chase. "Safrin has departed from Caido to deal with an external threat. An emphasis has been placed on personal and regional preparation, as well as interrelationships between them." Something Caido has managed nearly flawlessly since Harper's arrival even when war tensions were at their highest, which is a promising outlook for the future. "The threat is as yet unknown, but she left warning systems in place with Ronin and Deimos, her chosen, to let them know when the threat is imminent." Which, if he says so himself, is all the explanation needed for keeping the peace between regions. "Understandably, regional and personal quests with Safrin will be impossible, so please keep this in mind." He turns his head to nod at Hadama, allowing the Merking to follow up with any information Harper may have forgotten, and opening up the floor to any concerns or questions.
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The Mer King tilted his head in agreement at Harper's silent nod, trusting to his friend and co-leader to chose the best time to begin. Harper had a more fluid and elegant way with words and Hadama appreciated his fellow King's willingness to take the lead and host the gathering as he revealed the information they had learned at the Refuge.

He looked out over those gathered, human and Mer alike, and met the eyes of many before receiving Harper's nod to add his own piece.

"Torchline has not been abandoned," he rumbled reassuringly. "Safrin will return when she can. And we still have her messengers and those she has touched. such as Ronin, her Supernova. And perhaps we may call upon Vi and his demigod Noah in the meantime." He looked towards Aumakua and then back, his stern countenance softening. "I will hold a lantern-making day soon. To give us light during LongNight, and to create stars of our own to guide her home, if any want to join me."

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