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The Feverlands were not particularly Phoebe's favorite place to be. It was putrid and dangerous, but it was filled to the brim with useful flora, in particular the glowing mushrooms she sought for Frey. That's why she had called upon the aid of Farrow, a likeminded herbalist that would know how to carefully remove the mushrooms from their spots so as not to wreck them. Maimed mushrooms would not do for Frey's quest.

She waited in a small grove of trees that were covered in mushrooms. Of course, the glowing ones would not reveal themselves until they were harvested, so they had quite the difficult task ahead of them. All she needed now was Farrow.

And when she saw the young woman arrive, she waved. "Thank you for coming. We've a long day ahead of us." she said, holding out a basket for the herbalist to take to place her harvested mushrooms in.
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Farrow stepped carefully and lightly around the mushrooms, taking the basket Phoebe held out to her with a smile.

"It seems we do!" She said with a smile. The girl's auburn hair was pulled back with a bandana and she was dressed, quite surprisingly, in a pair of stained trousers and jacket. Farrow usually wore skirt or dresses, all in earthy shades but well-washed and pressed. But, mushrooms grew around dead things, and dead things stink and were messy, so, grubby clothes it was.

"So, we are looking for glowing mushrooms?" She asks Phoebe.


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