Training Soured my tangerine dreaming
Anju Rao

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RIYA - Mythical - Dragon (Fire Breath)
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When one has a dragon, and an energetic one at that, training can sometimes look...suspiciously not like training. Like today - where Anju is blatantly skeet shooting clay targets out of the sky as Riya swoops through the air, dropping them out of her mouth. Given Riya's chortling glee is audible to anyone walking nearby, it's rather questionable whether this is meant to better Anju's aim with her newly improved weapon, or merely drain her sister of her nearly endless reserves of energy.

Awareness pings across the bond like an electric shock, Anju's eyes unerringly following Riya's in years-old familiarity, subconsciously directed toward what her sister wants her to see. Koa. She should have suspected given the bubbling brightness on Riya's side of the bond.

Relaxing from where she had her bow drawn back, Anju raises an eyebrow at the young Dragoon's appearance. He Hm. Nothing that training can't fix, right? "Care to be my thrower? See if I can shoot them down fast enough to target you?" Maybe if he's launching them directly at her instead of Riya dropping the targets it will be more of a realistic challenge, striking a missile out of the air instead of shooting a dead bird so to speak. "Or I have throwing knives." She tilts her chin toward them, letting Koa have the choice - because he's certainly not getting a choice about joining.
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