Personal Quest [SE] Skittish Invaders
Alys Glasse

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Keeping the luxere calm was going to be trickier than it sounded, particularly since Alys wasn't sure how she was going to keep up her illusion and herd at the same time. With a firm, silent order for Sascha to stay with Boreal, Alys casually walked around the back of the herd, continuing to shield Sah from sight. At the sight of his note, she nodded.

With Tal leading the way, the seer continued to walk calmly behind the herd, channeling her inner shepherd and trying to maintain an air of collection and stoicism. Perhaps, if she moved slowly and steadily, the luxere would just filter out ahead of her - preferably without trampling her best friend. She whistled as she went, hoping that the noise would continue to keep the herd calm as they trickled out of town and back into the wilderness.


Alys tries to herd the luxere out the gate.
alys glasse
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Sah shrugged with a roll of his eyes at Tal. He knew full well it was easier said than done. But he'd only made a small sign. Maybe he should have written 'Good luck!' on it too? But that would have seemed condescending. Yet Talyson was successful. The people of Halo quickly gave the herd the space it needed. Some appeared bewildered by the sight, but others went about their business, having accepted Halo's uniqueness long ago.

With her whistling and projected calm, Alys was able to convince the herd to follow her. A few grew anxious but upon seeing that the individual leading them wasn't panicking, they were soothed.

Sah hardly needed to do anything with how well the others were doing. The only incident was when a young buck grew too curious about a market stall and needed to be redirected. So as not to startle the creature, Sah used his magic to give him a small nudge with air magic. The buck looked back in confusion at the gentle touch but was successfully redirected back to the herd.

It took time but the herd is released back into the wild eventually. As they disappear into the snow Sah finally speaks. "That was unexpected. Thank you both for your help." Now that the minor crisis was over, the hilarity hit him and he snickers, "Welcome to the new year I suppose."

All done! Thank you!

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