Training A moment of respite
Edmund Ansel
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Edmund frees himself for a split moment before the water moves to wrap around his center. He's not able to pry it off of him so he does the only thing he can think of. More fire. Calling the rest of the flames from his small camp, the young Ancient attempts to set his entire body on fire. It's a last-ditch effort as he'll run out of the element, but he hopes it works.

Edmund is just glad that his clothes are mostly fireproof. They'll certainly need mending after this but at least he and Jata will walk away untraumatized. He'd never have been able to look the man in the eyes again otherwise.


Reborn In Fire
Sunjata Wrenzaok
the Flood

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The rest of the flames flow into Edmund’s palms, spreading easily across his arms and the rest of his body, encasing him and hissing where it meets the water loop Sunjata’s got around his middle. It sparks another deep rumbling laugh, adding more water that he conjures until the steam starts to weigh over the edges of the flame, singing it back down and down.

More water comes in, swirling around Edmund’s leg and steaming where it tries to break through the fire, so he simply tries to make it spread from the middle out, leaving the young man encased in his own flame with a cut through the middle of pale, white clouds. “Not bad!” Sunjata calls out over the hiss.
the flood
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No permission needed for power play!
Feel free to use magic/force on Sunjata, without killing him <3
Sunjata speaks with an Australian accent and has a passive magic that makes him produce a subtle scent that matches exactly to whatever those around him most desire him to smell like.

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