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Noah Olson
the Forsaken

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Everyone eventually filed in. Satisfaction rang through the demigod’s bones as he watched families and singles gather around and find their places in their temporary refuge. He took in a deep breath, deciding finally as he looked to those gathered around how he was going to make Vi’s presence known in this place. Danta spoke then, and the hunter turned to him. Noah had only been down in the Last Whisper once, and it hadn’t been the most pleasant of times. He had seen a shopkeeper bully a child, been bullied by the shopkeeper, and also ran into some dead ROUS. But, in favor of keeping positive (or at least neutral) current terms with Danta, Noah kept his face neutral. ”A drink sounds nice.”

Taking up several sand bags, Noah worked to shore up what was needed along the way.

Noah agrees to a drink and uses the sandbags to help build and secure along the way.
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Ophelia Athanasia

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Danta is more charming than Ophelia by far, but the ghost is there to provide warm smiles and another mouthpiece to help direct people until the steady stream has died down to trickling stragglers. The prospect of fire is enough to have Phi uttering a rather indecent noise, keen on getting their cold bones warmed up and their limpid hair dried.

"Thank you, Danta," they chirp, always grateful for free food and drink when such things were an unheard-of miracle offering in their youth. The sandbag is a little harder in their small arms, but they heft it with zeal and optimism - and perhaps a little bit of grunting - and manage to make it to the Last Whisper without keeling over.
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Kiada Njovu-Reyes

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So relieved to be out of the rain the second the Harpy gets to the temple again, she listens to Danta’s offering and is more than happy to head toward the Dusklight. Grabbing a sandbag is easy, hoisting it over her shoulder to head toward the Dusklight, finding a perfect spot along the way to deposit said sandbag.

Passing by Dantalion, she flashes him a bright smile. “Thank you.” She’s absolutely going to take him up on the offer of new clothes, given how she’d done a pretty fantastic job of ruining this pair for the day between the rain and the blood of the allogator. And a drink on top of that? Practically heaven.

Kiada places her sandbag and heads inside to get a drink and new clothes!
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"My pleasure," Danta purrs to his companions, offering a crooked little bow as they filter back out and into the downpour for the last time (hopefully). Hefting a sandbag up - he's not quite as bad at manual labour as Ophelia, but it's a near thing - he follows after the others and shores up the steps down into the Last Whisper, before descending into home.

The Dusklight is warm and dark and welcoming, and the group are treated to a hero's welcome and then some. Whether they wish to partake of the warm fire, a hot shower, some new clothes and food and drink, or any of the other earthly pleasures offered by the establishment... well, that's entirely up to them. And in the meantime, the Hollowed Grounds is hopefully a little better off against the weather.

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