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Zef had never turned down another drink in her life, and certainly wasn't about to start today. She accepted his presumed offer with a grin, tilting her head back to drain her own substantial glass with every evidence of pleasure.

"Mm. Not boring, nah. But it doesn't have a patch on Torchline's social life," she admitted freely. 'Humans can be so much fun!" Her sharp-toothed grin dissolved into a throaty chuckle as she watched him with a twinkle in her eyes. "And you might say that. Aye, you might well. I'm a mercenary in every sense of the word, handsome. The job comes with the perk of rarely being boring, at least." She waved an idle hand back towards where her board rested. "And it pays for life's little necessities."

More drinks found their way to the counter in front of the mis-matched pair and Zef gave it the attention it deserved as Ronin answered her question. "Mmf. They do know how ta mix 'em hot here," she purred appreciatively before tilting her head back towards the Supernova's laugh. "A lucky man, that Remi," she murmured, seeing no reason to keep her opinions to herself. The answering question drew a shrug of broad, muscular shoulders and a smile that was shamelessly smug. "Plenty of copilots, but most don't last more than a night or two." For... various reasons.

"So what is it that demigods do for a living?" she asked curiously. "What puts bacon on your table?"
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"I suppose there aren't many taverns like this in The Climb either," Ronin murmurs with a grin, and though he is still a human and he does consider himself quite fun under the right circumstances, he imagines it's not quite in the same way as Zef means. Just the same as her wordplay about her copilots, but things hadn't been black and white with Ascended, and neither are they with the Ancients. Besides, given his husband's own instincts, it would be hypocritical of Ronin to judge. Probably.

"Ah, a mercenary. You're never unemployed for long either in that line of work," he agrees, the Nova raising a glass in a toast to her and her line of work. "And I consider myself the lucky one. As for the bacon, I tend to put it on the table myself," he continues, bobbing his eyebrows at her. "I suppose you could call us both semi-retired these days. Used to hunt monsters, though."

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