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Crinkling her nose, Flora rolls her eyes as Sunjata elaborates. "Oh yeah. I guess Safrin's Squad is supposed to hate you, huh? That's dumb." And it was, but right this moment, it was helpful too. Not that Flora was any stranger to things getting complicated, but certainly that would be the word for it were she to stage a coup with her mom's lover's friend or whatever.

Flora's smile starts slow as she regards the wood of the bar; in her mind she imagines herself taking Hadama down single-handedly, before the image blurs and she sees alllll those connections come to back her up. The ones no one cared about before. But no doubt they'd care when staring down 4 demigods, not to mention her mother.

"I'm planning on it." She says in a low voice, looking up through her eyelashes and flashing Sunjata the sort of wolfish smile he'd no doubt recognize as being one of Hotaru's. "But not tonight. A girl needs her beauty sleep. " So saying, she pushes herself away from the bar, and instantly falls against Sunjata. Wrapping her arms around him (and coming up only to his chest), she tilts her head back in order to offer him a scrunched-nose smile.

"Thanks for the chat, almost-Dad"

let me taste your silhouette
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