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Koa Carpenter

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Koa is a son of engineers. He is the brother of an engineer. He's grown up surrounded by people who have way too much knowledge of one specific thing to be realistically considered sane. All of which to say that the Dragoon takes in Everest's lecture with placid patience, listening (if not retaining) and nodding or hmm'ing or saying "Oh, neat," as seems appropriate. The tools are collected and returned as requested, all things kept orderly to facilitate Everest's work.

All for this payoff. "Um fuck yes!" Before he can be asked again Koa is at the telescope, peering through into the unknown. "What, er... what am I looking for?" With no knowledge of how the thing actually works, he isn't sure how to get the image clearer, or where to point it, or any of that. No thoughts, only vibes. That's our chocolate labrador boy.
Lena Magnus
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Hastening her eyes into avian factions to gain better sight of their cleaning, Lena adjusted her stance more than once to try and get into any dusty, dingy portions. From rags to polish and back again, she snagged at the dirt, debris, and any other refuse she could find. Between the pair of them, and anyone else assisting, there seemed to be a big enough dent in the fold. “I think we’re getting there,” she murmured back to Sohalia, pausing more than once to wipe her brow as it became laden with sweat. Hopefully the boys were doing much of the same with the telescope, and they’d be done soon enough.


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Sohalia Lumaris
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Success! The boys managed to get the telescope working, and as Koa looked through it, he'd be met with a (slightly blurry) view of another planet, settled contentedly amidst the stars. Perhaps Everest would join him, making the necessary adjustments to get things clearer - but either way, they had managed to fix the telescope, and such a feat was more than worthy of a celebration.

So, too, did the girls succeed in their cleaning endeavors. By the time they finished dusting and wiping and sweeping, the interior of the Spyglass practically shone. It was clear from looking around that it had been a labor of love. The new light fixtures shone gently, casting a pleasant glow over the proceedings.

Tired, but satisfied, Soh gathered their group together, looking around with pleasure. "Great job, everyone!" she said. "I think we're done. Everything looks amazing! I've arranged for dinner and drinks nearby, so hopefully I'll see you all there." And with that, their cleanup was completed. The Spyglass was repaired and, hopefully, would be seen as better than ever before.


Thank you all! <3

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