Blackbird/Asra Solaris
Suporting Character

Age: 24 | Height: | Race: OOC Account | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Greatwood
Level: - Strg: - Dext: - Endr: - Luck: - Int:
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My character is an: Attuned
If Attuned: What is their first animal shift?: Echo shark
My character's profession is:

Stat distribution (You have 35 points to distribute. 10/10/10/5 is a fairly standard array)

My character's age has been filled out: Yes
My character's citizenship is correct: Yes
My profile is complete: Yes

She is a supporting character.
May she please have a griffin companion named Trouble who has fire breath?
May she please have these additional shifts?: Red fox and a mythical griffin shift (breathe fire)?

Thank you!
The Best
Incredible Incredulator

Age: 37 | Height: smol | Race: Attuned | Nationality: Outlander | Citizenship: Halo
Level: 0 - Strg: 108 - Dext: 42 - Endr: 8 - Luck: 4 - Int:
Mowgli - Mythical - Crazy fire-breathing horse
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Good to go!

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