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Talyson Seawright
the Messenger

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"Right? First time I came here I got lost. Second an' third time, too," he admitted sheepishly to Alys, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. "It's some crazy magic that's holdin' th'whole thing up, that's for sure." What he definitely did not want to think about was what would happen if that magic ever failed, or even hiccuped. "But there's some real pretty places, too! It's not all big ass buildings. After th'party we can check out th'Celestine. That's where Lena works," he added, raising his hand in belated greeting to the Caretaker over by Soh. He finally spied Hotaru over that way, giving the Heart her own greeting, and distance made the courier was oblivious to the undercurrents happening in that conversation as he gave the Valkyrie a grin.

"Oh! But you'd probably be more interested in their library, yeah? I haven't really spent much time in it, but I've delivered some stuff to 'em. That's not too far from here," he added, waving towards a street that led off from the Plaza. "Um. If y'want to check that out instead, I mean. Or we could do both. We've got time." The last was said with a wry quirk of his lips as he got used to the idea that his Abandoned friends could now stay in Stormbreak as long as they wanted.
Noe Carpenter

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This was one party that Noe was not going to miss.

The girl sauntered in with the rest of the crowd, tossing her hair over one shoulder as she surveyed those in attendance. Koa was here, of course, but she wasn't about to interrupt whatever he was doing. He looked very official, what with his snappy salute and all. She'd catch up with him later, once he was alone. She waved to Lena, who also looked very official, and Mateo, who was chatting with Everest. But they all looked to be occupied, so she let them be.

Instead, she meandered over to the tables holding food and drink, taking a small plate and making a few selections before grabbing a glass of what appeared to be champagne and settling at one of the tables nearby, where she could keep an eye on the various people in attendance. She wondered which ones were Abandoned, and how she would even know, unless they used their magic.
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Alys Glasse

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Despite the fact that Deimos, Evie, and Hotaru were in attendance, Alys couldn't help it as her hands turned clammy as she held onto Talyson's arm nervously. Her entire life, she had been warned away from Stormbreak, and here she was, stepping into what could, theoretically, be a trap. Of course, Tal trusted Stormbreak's leader, and that should be enough for Alys - but old habits die hard, and she couldn't help her nerves.

So she listened as Tal listed off places she might be interested in. "I'd like to see as much as we can," she admitted softly. "I've only ever imagined what Stormbreak might be like. It will be interesting to see more." At the moment, though, she could only say that the region was larger than she'd anticipated: one big city that seemed to stretch on forever in all directions from the Plaza where they were being welcomed.
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Sohalia Lumaris
the Luminary
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As people began to arrive, Sohalia began to relax. She'd feared that perhaps no one would come, understanding that the Abandoned still held onto the fear that something about this was a trap, or that some ill would befall them here. Not on my watch. Not that she could blame them. She couldn't imagine what they had been through, nor what it must have been like to have been excluded from an entire region - a region whose behavior she was now solely responsible for.

Deimos was among the first to approach, and Soh smiled kindly up at the man. "It's my pleasure," she said in response to his thanks. He almost certainly thought her young and silly, but she'd had nothing but positive interactions with the Warden of Halo, and as he meandered off, she turned her attention to the others who vied for her attention. She waved to Lena, Mateo, and Everest in turn, then jumped as Flora wrapped her in a hug from behind. She turned, doing her best not to squeal like a schoolgirl as she returned the hug. "Flora, you came!" she said with a smile.

Then Sah and Hotaru appeared, and her nerves returned. "Thank you for coming," she said solemnly. "It's a pleasure to be able to welcome you to Stormbreak. It's long overdue." She did her best not to fidget under Hotaru's gaze, Had she known that Flora and the Valkyrie were acquainted? She skimmed her memory, trying to place the exact nature of their relationship.

Her gaze skimmed the growing crowd, and her heart skipped a beat when it settled on Koa talking with Deimos. Please, gods, no, she begged mentally, remembering Harper's warning not to make an enemy of Deimos. But she returned her attention to her small group. Let's not beg trouble for tomorrow. With a smile, she gestured around. "What do you think of Stormbreak so far? I'll be happy to recommend some points of interest, if you'd like to take a look around."
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Koa Carpenter

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If Koa were a smarter lad, he might have sensed his danger and reconsidered this whole plan. Alas, he is not a smarter lad, and so he remains staunchly unfazed by the ire that radiates off Deimos in waves. It helps that Evie appears at the General's side, the duo of Wardens striking a beautiful pair indeed. Koa bows to the Evergreen, offering her a boyish smile. "My Lady - it's an honor," the young man states earnestly, straightening as she finishes her litany of questions. "There is hierarchy - currently we're commanded by my Captain, Anju Rao. She's also on our council, so I suppose that'd be political affairs?" He glances between them, worry briefly clouding his eyes. "Unfortunately she's been away on a mission for some time, so I'm trying to keep things running in her absence."

I was only recently promoted myself," he adds with no small bit of pride, "And have taken over some of the broader organizational duties and restructuring. Which is part of why I hoped to speak to you, Wardens - the Shields are renown, and the Dragoons would be remiss not to try and learn anything we can from them. Especially when their general is as renown a hero as yourself." It's flattery, yes, but it's earnest and honest, a soldier's serious admiration in the vibrant copper eyes.

It's a seriousness that takes over more of his countenance as he once more glances between the pair, looking older and more mature than perhaps ever in his life. "The truth is, you're right. Stormbreak's been isolated for a long time, and the Dragoons even moreso." He tries to meet Deimos' eyes, aware of Sohalia approaching from behind. "It makes sense that you don't trust us. Stormbreak is my home, and I love it. But we've done a shit job of being part of the world, and it hasn't served us well. So I guess that was my intention - to make Stormbreak, and the Dragoons, part of the world. I just... failed to realize how much work it'll take. That we can't expect people to trust us, after we haven't earned it. And I'm sorry." He hopes Soh won't hate him, that he isn't fucking this up again. Hopes Deimos and Evie understand.

Hopes his Ma would be proud.

But then there's Soh with a smile and a gesture, and Koa tries hard to perk up. "Yeah - maybe a spar at the Dragon's nest?" he offers to Deimos, eyes twinkling. He's sure the General would love a chance to put him in his place, and honestly? Koa's more than ready to do whatever it takes to redeem himself in Deimos' eyes.
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Deimos Ignatius
the Resurrected Sword
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It was within moments like these that he regarded it a shame he couldn’t communicate telepathically with the Evergreen; they would have to settle for a formidable stare and hushed tones later, before he ground his teeth down to nothing. Peeling apart another layer of bread and imagining it as someone’s effigy, he listened with narrowed eyes and a darkened countenance – wondering, if through all the haze, deliberation, and discussion, if anything had pierced through the young Dragoon’s skull.

The bluster of heroics, for Deimos never did anything based on such merits, did nothing to appease or alter his stance, the reticent mask altering between narrowed eyes and a clear distemper brewing. Koa seemed to believe the greater impact of the issues had been Stormbreak itself, when the Sword thought he’d been clear and concise on the matter. He took another long, slow breath, a barb of mental preparation contorting its way through his lungs. “It is not trust that is the issue,” he pinpointed, though that probably lingered in there residually, after years of spurning and otherwise overt racism. “But the fact that you are intent on instilling a foreign army in lands not your own. In other worlds, that would be considered a provocation to invasion.” His furrowed brow arched at the semblances, waiting to see if that sparked anything. Halo, and he presumed the other kingdoms, had still yet to receive any missive, any note, any regards to the intentions – and so Deimos remained firm on his stance. It would be the Shields, and only the Shields, occupying a protective stance in Halo.

The next statement shocked him, to the point where he shook his head and wondered where the inquiry had come from. “A spar,” he announced flatly, as if he had heard incorrectly.
Evie Ignatius
the Evergreen
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His bow is charming in a youthful way, and Evie tilts her torso slightly while a rusty but still impressively graceful curtsy sways her dress. Though he’s quite sweet, it’s a bumbling sort - a dangerous sort, politically. Softer tongued than Deimos but no less protective of Halo’s independence, she hums contemplatively and tilts her head. “If you have a council, I’d be happy to speak to your advisor or similar representative. We have no formal alliance with Stormbreak yet,” she points out, letting the weight of that land before she flicks her eyes toward Deimos, intending to reference his blunt response. “As Deimos said, in other regions it would be seen as a threat and handled appropriately.” Something she can practically feel Deimos wanting to do. “Have you drafted a formal proposal for your ideas to supply your council or superior that they can reference with me?” Her inquiry is kindly, encouraging - and also pointed, like a mother cloaking a warning that their child is about to be reprimanded. If he has not gone through these most basic of steps, perhaps he should start there instead of antagonizing her fiancé.

Maybe it’s because he’s biting his tongue harder than she’s ever seen, but Evie decides he deserves a bit of a reward. Even if it will most definitely be at Koa’s expense.

Turning to Deimos with a comely smile that blooms into a grin she has to tamp down on not to grow too wide, she tilts her head encouragingly toward Koa. “I think a spar is a wonderful idea. It will be perfect for a few spectators as well,” here she lifts her voice slightly to any lingering nearby. “Stormbreak Dragoons have likely not fought much against foes with magic, right? It will be a great display of strength and training.” And if her hand squeezes at Deimos’ elbow, telling him give it your all, none of the Attuned are privy to that special kind of communication. Looking back to Koa, the Evergreen smiles. “Will you lead the way?”
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Everest Hart
Spyglass / Aviator

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Oh no.

"Mateo, look." Nodding toward where Koa was speaking with Deimos, the attuned swallowed hard as he heard the verbal equivalent of an oncoming car crash. Normally he'd absolutely have stayed out of it—who was he to interfere in the lives of others? absolutely no one, that was who—but as Evie mentioned a council member, Everest was overcome by duty and found his feet moving toward the small group before his overwhelming anxiety could come up with a good reason for him to simply stay where he was.

"E-excuse me." Everest interjected as politely as he could (which in Ever's opinion was an oxymoron, as interrupting was always rude). "I couldn't help but overhear, and I apologize if it seems like I was eavesdropping...I happen to have very good hearing..only partially because I'm an attuned—a shepherd actually—and," pausing to breathe, Ever offered both Evie and Deimos a helplessly dimpled smile.

"Well I'm on the council, if...there was anything that needed to be discussed." Then hastily he added, "-either now or later. Whatever is best for you."
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Mateo Taliesin

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Having blown a kiss back at Flora, Mateo is now busy with a mouthful of a small cake and a some punch in a glass, and he offers a very helpful "Mmrf?" as Everest requests he look around. Raising an eyebrow, he finds himself following on the tail of his friend, unable to chip in with this massive (apparently) discussion until he's swallowed his bite of cake.

"My dad used to run the Dragoons," he says helpfully(?). "He is still part of them now, though they are a guild more than an army, I think. Like the monster hunters." Pausing to lick a bit of cream from his thumb, he offers a dimpled smile to Koa. "I do not think he ever had interest in invading other lands. Just in trying to help people. Do you want me to call him here to be part of the conversation?"

One might consider it a waste of Channelling. Others might consider that Mateo has used said Channelling for much more frivolous things in the past.
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Sah Lovi
the Wild Thunder

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Sah leaned into Hotaru's space even as his expression softened at Sohalia. She was clearly stressed but doing her best. He followed her eyes and spotted the conversation occurring with Deimos and Evie. He could read the tension in his fellow Halovians but trusted them to handle whatever was transpiring. If they needed him, they'd let him know.

Instead, he nodded, "Stormbreak is certainly different than I had expected. Larger and with such interesting technology. I would appreciate recommendations." This might be an excellent opportunity to assess the region for possible threats and weaknesses. Perhaps a paranoid thought but with the stormy conversation going on in the background, it seemed necessary.

It would also be a lie to say that he wasn't curious about the region overall. He'd never taken the time to go sightseeing anywhere in Caido and if Stormbreak was safe, he might fix that.
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Noe Carpenter

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Noe keeping to herself lasted about five seconds - especially when she heard her brother issue what sounded like a challenge to the largest man in attendance. Noe sighed internally. Koa was strong and capable, but the stranger? Well. No offense, Koa, but you're doomed.

Noe rose from her chair and, keeping her drink firmly in hand, wandered closer. Fortunately, she was not the only one to do so - Koa and the stranger were amassing quite the crowd. She wondered briefly if there would be betting amongst the spectators of the spar - and, if so, who she should put money on. No offense, Koa.

Still, she wasn't about to question Koa - and embarrass Stormbreak by doing so - in front of all these people, so she simply tried to catch her brother's eye and give him The Look. You know, the I love you but you're a dumbass, try not to get yourself killed look.
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