Personal Quest [se] see the clock and its ticking away
Alys Glasse

Age: 26 | Height: 5'2" | Race: Abandoned | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Halo
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SASCHA - Regular - Ursur
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Moving and drying the furniture was simple enough, but as Alys went to move one final cushion, she accidentally grabbed onto something decidedly not cushion-y. Now, normally, she might have yelped, or sworn, or thrown the tangleweed down, thinking it was a spider or some such thing, but with this particular little piece of fauna, she merely stared at it as though stuck in a trance.

Sascha, recognizing that something was wrong, bleated at Talyson with alarm, as though the courier could do something that she couldn't about the thing in her bonded's hand. Alys didn't notice. The room was starting to darken and blur around the edges, everything around her taking on a poisonous shade of purple -

Then Asra was there, asking sharply if Alys was alright, and the seer shook herself as though rising from a dream - or a nightmare. She dropped the tangleweed as though it had burned her and stared at it where it rolled about on the floor. "Don't touch it," she warned, her skin crawling. "It feels evil."


Alys tries to shake off the tangleweed!
alys glasse
waiting for the right mind to drive insane
Minor powerplay allowed without permission.
Feel free to use force/magic on Alys.
Talyson Seawright
the Messenger

Age: 27 | Height: 5'10" | Race: Accepted | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Halo
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BOREAL - Mythical - Dragon (Fire Breath)
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Tangleweeds were something the courier was familiar with, but they didn't usually try to abscond with furniture in Tal's limited experience. While Alys and Asra dealt with the baby tangler inside, the Messenger hollered in consternation and grabbed the chair, instigating a tug-of-war with the wicked-looking bundle of ornery tentacles. "Hey! Vines off, y'purple palooka!"

Given his strength, it should have been an easy match. But as one of the tentacles transferred from the chair to his wrist the courier flinched and then froze, eyes starting to glaze over in spite of the chilly rain and the ongoing contest of wills and brawn.

If Boreal hadn't been watching the scene inside play out with mild concern and a protective wing over Sascha things might have gone worse outside. But as she felt the nightmare start to take hold of her companion's mind the dragon shook herself and then bounded out the door, opening her jaw to let loose a stream of fire at the purple weedball.

Tal jolted free of the trance as the tangleweed released him to roll frantically around in the mud, trying to put out the dragonfire that Boreal continued to pour onto it as Tal grabbed his chair and retreated back into the Temple.

Tal succumbs to the tangleweed but Boreal comes to the rescue and he tries to get the chair back inside!
Noah Olson
the Forsaken

Age: 34 | Height: 6'2 | Race: Demi-god | Nationality: Natural | Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
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Talyson, unfortunately, succumbs to the effects of the Void Tangleweed. While his dragon was able to blast it with a ferocious burst of flames, it didn’t entirely kill the creature. In retribution, it lashed out again towards Talyson. The attack is clean, and the courier is unable to do the task he had at hand. Instead, the chair will form into something familiar and oh, so close to him. In Talyson’s spinning mind, the void tangleweed is not trying to devour a chair, but devouring Boreal.

Trouble, faced with the tiny tangleweed, was able to destroy it in a burst of well-placed fire. While Alys is not facing near the trouble that Talyson is outside, she will have her own set of symptoms. In her periphery, enticing shadows dance that cause a deep feeling of unease in her gut. Is that paranoia? Does she know for certain that this attuned didn’t cause this, or her griffin?

Noah, finishing with the mopping and scraping and grooming of the room, came out to find trouble erupting (not the griffin). He heard Talyson scream outside and instinct had him bursting through the doors to defend his friend. Immediately upon seeing the tangleweed lash out at his friend, Noah ignited his Divine Opposition. He intended to end the weed and help Talyson.

Asra/Trouble are able to destroy the tiny void tangleweed that bit Alys.

Noah ignites his divine opposition.

Talyson and Alys will feel the effects of the tangleweed for another round!

Alys, with the size of the weed, will only see shadows dancing in the corners of her vision and a sense of unease. Talyson, on the other hand, hallucinates that Boreal is being eaten by the tangleweed. (This is a hallucination and Boreal is in no real danger!)

Void Tangleweed (infected variant - Hollowed Ground): The normally spherical and sentient Tangleweed has been corrupted by the void. Its limbs, once resembling branches, now writhe with shadowy tendrils. Touching the Void Tangleweed not only induces numbness but also opens a temporary connection to the void, causing unsettling visions and hallucinations.
the forsaken

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