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She flinched at the mutter, but knew, understood, exactly where Jack was coming from. Because Sunjata did and had said so many things, promises and convictions that went nowhere or sputtered so nefariously out of control that he wreaked and distorted multitudes of lives. Maybe this was a turning point for him, or perhaps another opportunity to flail and stumble, and she really didn’t, couldn’t, comprehend where it was going. Just that he’d given her a chance to be consumed by it too, and so her eyes went low, looking over the sand as Fangorn wrapped his vines around her arms. “Yeah, he does.”

Unaware of why he’d be cursing, other than the current subject, her gilded gaze flicked back up to his at the oath. “It doesn’t, and I don’t, I just - ,” maybe craved to be wanted somewhere. Melita had always carved a place for herself, and to hear someone would be willing to have her in their space, to have family again when everyone else had been lost –

Her fingers curled over the top of Fangorn’s head, and long sigh uttered forth. She’d lost the spark and fire and felt like some diminished inferno, nothing but coal and inklings at the forefront. The crew missing her almost made her snort, but it caught somewhere in her chest and stayed lodged there. “I wondered if like, we could do something so the Ark could come in and then I could still be a part of it,” except now that felt like a resounding no.
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