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are you really going to talk about timing in times like these?
"We were talking about immortality." The Lullaby argued with a roll of his eyes, before shooting his husband a boyish grin. "Being killed as a regular old level 7 man hardly counts."

Taking a sip of his drink and swallowing down his Ifrit-inclinations to go sit directly in the fire, he frowns as Deimos describes some of what he'd seen. "Huh." He hums helpfully, eyes narrowing. "I wonder if Phoebe or Sunjata would have any thoughts about any of this..." Realizing that might have been somewhat vague, the Lullaby blinks himself away from the fire's light and glances between the two men. "Surely Frey would know something about it, if it is affecting the plants and animals."

Indeed, even the normally grumpy-Lullaby seems to soften considerably as the topic moves to weddings. Reaching for Ronin's hand, Remi raises his glass to his lips and smiles crookedly against the rim. "Was the last wedding Pheobe and Sunjata...? I think Phoebe and Harper eloped so that does not count. But the spite wedding is the last one I recall." Then again, his memories had been tampered with so often in the past few years, he'd not be surprised at all to find out he was wrong.
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Deimos watched the sudden amount of laden snacks offered for roasting, content with incoming food, before peeling away the offerings he’d brought inside his bag, revealing some ursur steak, placing amidst the others. While they briefly quarreled over immortality and lives lost, and how much they could joke over remnants that had once shattered them before, he snorted, shaking his head before nodding towards Ronin. “Appears to be. I am taking some monster hunters out later to see if we can find anything else. Evie said she would take one plant to Frey.” He hadn’t heard the report on that yet, or lack thereof, but it would be nice to know if the Nature aspects had any notions towards the recent onslaught.

Struggling very hard to ignore any mention of Sunjata without a wrinkle to his nose and some deep vexation, he strived to adhere more to celebrations than anything else, grabbing hold of a stick and poking at one of the meats, closer to the flames. “Thank you.” As for other nuptials, he did permit another lingering smile. “Noah and Cordelia married right after the war. Otherwise, it seems to have been relatively quiet.” Expected, perhaps, given how many had to piece and stitch their lives back together.
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