II. The Greatwood
Plot updates for II. The Greatwood

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The Greatwood

Congratulations on making it through the barrier and completing Part I. The Spire of our plot!

The world is not yours yet, however....violent elemental storms are raging in the south and the west. North seems to be the only viable direction, into The Greatwood. Is there a way to settle these supernatural storms? Or perhaps another way out? What secrets can you learn from the Fae, who live here in the woods?

Time—and adventuring—will tell.

Be sure to check out the updated map and updated flora and fauna, as well as a new playable race: the Fae!

309 PC: Flowerbirth. Fiat Lux and the Spire...

Picking up the pieces after LongNight was never going to be easy. But no one could have expected quite how much things would change. Throughout Flowerbirth, the following occurred:

  1. Smack bang in the middle of the Fiat Lux festival, a group of brave (read:foolish) Outlanders decided to take on the Spire Demon. Surprising no one more than themselves, Roana, Remi, Ashetta and Ronin succeeded, though not without great cost. Ronin Taliesin died during the fight.
  2. Following the defeat of the demon, dissent spread like wildfire among the inhabitants of the Hollowed Grounds. Two factions emerged - those who wished to breach the Spire, like, yesterday and those who wished to wait and to learn more about it. These groups can be summarised quite well by comparing the characters of Rory and Roana...  
  3. Eventually, the Spire was breached by members of both groups,  - the Ascended proved the key to opening the monolith. And in they went...Roana, Are, Maea, Lucas, Kristopher, Jigano, Amalia, and Rory heading down into the Spire, and Samuel, Ashetta, Aedion, and Zariah going up. Both Kristopher and Aedion perished within.

      Below the Spire a strange pillar of light was glimpsed (Roana jumped in it and was spat out in the Greatwood, huh) but the others were blocked from further exploration when the air decided to be poisonous.

      Faith was tested at the very top of the Spire, and Zariah promised her life in exchange for passage through to the final chamber. Her willingness to sacrifice herself and her courage proved to be just what was needed to open the door, and Zariah survived the encounter.
  4. Within, the group were confronted with the Core, the physical counterpart to the Voice who, after three hundred years powering the Spire (and thus causing her own entrapment) was nothing more than a mummified child. 108 sacrificed herself by removing the power cell from the Core... and thus the barrier dropped.
  5. The Voice explained that she was the reason for the Outlanders being dropped into Caido. Using the last vestiges of her willpower, she scanned worlds and realities for those who might best be able to free her. And here you all are!
  6. Following the barrier dropping, the Greatwood was revealed! Since then, tentative explorations were made, only to be interrupted by some very suspicious Fae, such as Delah and her army of forest guardians. In fact, there are rumours of people going missing whilst exploring in the woods...and fed to giant world-making turtles, though not in the way you might expect.
  7. The Old Gods Vi, Rae, and Mort have differing opinions when it comes to the fall of the barrier, with Safrin receiving the brunt of the god's anger. How this will effect future interactions with her, is unknown.
  8. Ronin was returned to the land of the living thanks to a sacrifice made by his friends, making him the first on-site demi-god (not that he really knows that)
  9. A strange merchant with a wagon has also appeared on the Outskirts of the Hollowed Grounds, promising weird and wonderful wares in exchange for the most bizarre items, favours and stories...who is controlled behind the scenes by a wild fae called Arduinna. A figure to help or harm?

309 PC: Longheat. New leaders and a sickness in the woods...

The Fae and those within the Hollowed Grounds experienced their first clashes; of culture, of opinion, of words and weapons. And from the shadows, a new queen took her seat of power...

Throughout Longheat, the following occurred:

  1. The Sea of Branches welcomed a new Naiad, and all bore witness as the former danced upon the Stonesong. Fate blessed Melita with a gift, allowing her the same privilege.
  2. Signs of a blight in the Greatwood have begun to manifest. The trees are rotting from within and plantlife is dying. What could be the cause?
  3. There were several attempts to build bridges with the Fae:

    Those who went missing and were captured by the Fae (Caiside, Amalia, Adam and Kiada) attempted, in their own ways, to win them around. Amalia in particular was successful, rescuing a starwhale calf and earning her freedom.

    Meanwhile, the wild fae Arduinna led Jigano, Deimos, Killian and Samuel to the hidden Sidhe Village to rescue those mentioned above. Unlike Delah (the Fae warchief) and the vast majority of her kin, Arduinna seems keen to interact with newcomers.

    Indeed, under Arduinna's command, Ianto - the strange, foxy merchant who runs the Wishing Wagon - led a group of traders (Remi, Amalia and Phoebe) to the village to strike some common ground. This venture proved somewhat successful, establishing the Wishing Wagon as a neutral trading post along the Stonesong.

    Some alliance may begin to form, at last, after the events of {KQ} stonewall where Remi, Wessex, Deimos and Phoebe rescued a group trapped after a rockslide at the Drop. Those trapped included Delah and her warriors, alongside Rory, Amalia, Jigano and Are.

    Since then, Delah has accompanied Amalia and a group (Ronin (and later Vervain), Deimos and Jigano) into the Spire to search for a tulmhainar. Danger waited within, however, and the fate of the group is still uncertain.

  4. Meanwhile, Zariah Launceleyn gained enough support within the Hollowed Grounds to make a bid for leadership, and was crowned queen and earned the title: Zariah the Merciless. Edrei Launceleyn was promoted to Left Hand of the Queen, and Zariah currently has control of 12 soldiers to enforce her laws.

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