II. The Greatwood
Plot updates for II. The Greatwood

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The Greatwood

Congratulations on making it through the barrier and completing Part I. The Spire of our plot!

The world is not yours yet, however....violent elemental storms are raging in the south and the west. North seems to be the only viable direction, into The Greatwood. Is there a way to settle these supernatural storms? Or perhaps another way out? What secrets can you learn from the Fae, who live here in the woods?

Time—and adventuring—will tell.

Be sure to check out the updated map and updated flora and fauna, as well as a new playable race: the Fae!

309 PC: Flowerbirth. Fiat Lux and the Spire...

Picking up the pieces after LongNight was never going to be easy. But no one could have expected quite how much things would change. Throughout Flowerbirth, the following occurred:

  1. Smack bang in the middle of the Fiat Lux festival, a group of brave (read:foolish) Outlanders decided to take on the Spire Demon. Surprising no one more than themselves, Roana, Remi, Ashetta and Ronin succeeded, though not without great cost. Ronin Taliesin died during the fight.
  2. Following the defeat of the demon, dissent spread like wildfire among the inhabitants of the Hollowed Grounds. Two factions emerged - those who wished to breach the Spire, like, yesterday and those who wished to wait and to learn more about it. These groups can be summarised quite well by comparing the characters of Rory and Roana...  
  3. Eventually, the Spire was breached by members of both groups,  - the Ascended proved the key to opening the monolith. And in they went...Roana, Are, Maea, Lucas, Kristopher, Jigano, Amalia, and Rory heading down into the Spire, and Samuel, Ashetta, Aedion, and Zariah going up. Both Kristopher and Aedion perished within.

      Below the Spire a strange pillar of light was glimpsed (Roana jumped in it and was spat out in the Greatwood, huh) but the others were blocked from further exploration when the air decided to be poisonous.

      Faith was tested at the very top of the Spire, and Zariah promised her life in exchange for passage through to the final chamber. Her willingness to sacrifice herself and her courage proved to be just what was needed to open the door, and Zariah survived the encounter.
  4. Within, the group were confronted with the Core, the physical counterpart to the Voice who, after three hundred years powering the Spire (and thus causing her own entrapment) was nothing more than a mummified child. 108 sacrificed herself by removing the power cell from the Core... and thus the barrier dropped.
  5. The Voice explained that she was the reason for the Outlanders being dropped into Caido. Using the last vestiges of her willpower, she scanned worlds and realities for those who might best be able to free her. And here you all are!
  6. Following the barrier dropping, the Greatwood was revealed! Since then, tentative explorations were made, only to be interrupted by some very suspicious Fae, such as Delah and her army of forest guardians. In fact, there are rumours of people going missing whilst exploring in the woods...and fed to giant world-making turtles, though not in the way you might expect.
  7. The Old Gods Vi, Rae, and Mort have differing opinions when it comes to the fall of the barrier, with Safrin receiving the brunt of the god's anger. How this will effect future interactions with her, is unknown.
  8. Ronin was returned to the land of the living thanks to a sacrifice made by his friends, making him the first on-site demi-god (not that he really knows that)
  9. A strange merchant with a wagon has also appeared on the Outskirts of the Hollowed Grounds, promising weird and wonderful wares in exchange for the most bizarre items, favours and stories...who is controlled behind the scenes by a wild fae called Arduinna. A figure to help or harm?

309 PC: Longheat. New leaders and a sickness in the woods...

The Fae and those within the Hollowed Grounds experienced their first clashes; of culture, of opinion, of words and weapons. And from the shadows, a new queen took her seat of power...

Throughout Longheat, the following occurred:

  1. The Sea of Branches welcomed a new Naiad, and all bore witness as the former danced upon the Stonesong. Fate blessed Melita with a gift, allowing her the same privilege.
  2. Signs of a blight in the Greatwood have begun to manifest. The trees are rotting from within and plantlife is dying. What could be the cause?
  3. There were several attempts to build bridges with the Fae:

    Those who went missing and were captured by the Fae (Caiside, Amalia, Adam and Kiada) attempted, in their own ways, to win them around. Amalia in particular was successful, rescuing a starwhale calf and earning her freedom.

    Meanwhile, the wild fae Arduinna led Jigano, Deimos, Killian and Samuel to the hidden Sidhe Village to rescue those mentioned above. Unlike Delah (the Fae warchief) and the vast majority of her kin, Arduinna seems keen to interact with newcomers.

    Indeed, under Arduinna's command, Ianto - the strange, foxy merchant who runs the Wishing Wagon - led a group of traders (Remi, Amalia and Phoebe) to the village to strike some common ground. This venture proved somewhat successful, establishing the Wishing Wagon as a neutral trading post along the Stonesong.

    Some alliance may begin to form, at last, after the events of {KQ} stonewall where Remi, Wessex, Deimos and Phoebe rescued a group trapped after a rockslide at the Drop. Those trapped included Delah and her warriors, alongside Rory, Amalia, Jigano and Are.

    Since then, Delah has accompanied Amalia and a group (Ronin (and later Vervain), Deimos and Jigano) into the Spire to search for a tulmhainar. Danger waited within, however, and the fate of the group is still uncertain.

  4. Meanwhile, Zariah Launceleyn gained enough support within the Hollowed Grounds to make a bid for leadership, and was crowned queen and earned the title: Zariah the Merciless. Edrei Launceleyn was promoted to Left Hand of the Queen, and Zariah currently has control of 12 soldiers to enforce her laws.

309 PC: Leafchange. A game of thrones and the blight...

The political climate within the barrier nearly reaches a boiling point while the sickness in the wood is named the blight and continues to spread. The fae have thrown many a wanderer into their pits as punishment for straying into the woods, while the new queen's soldiers do the same for those who disobey...

Throughout Leafchange the following occurred:

  1. The culmination of events in {KQ} i wanna give you back the open sky lead to Jigano and Amalia finding a dying tulmhainar. In an effort to let the creature see the stars one last time Safrin created a shaft through the center of the Spire. As she did so, she contracted the blight which subsequently passed it onto Ronin as well.
  2. Amalia Chandrakant becomes the first character in recorded history to have met one of the big gods! Vi names her The Shield of Safrin, and charges her with creating a new shrine for the injured goddess.
  3. the VOICE asked the ascended to explore the Greatwood at great personal cost given that Zariah and Delah both restricted access within the woods.
  4. A wounded Undine appears in the Crimson Cataract! Through the healing efforts of all those in attendance as well as by Arduinna, she has been healed of the blight!
  5. On a routine check for predators in the underground, Emmett Palmer went missing during {PQ} (HUNT) i put on my robe and wizard's hat and was later found dead.
  6. Ashetta Yla was found by Jigano, Amalia, and Remi after a long disappearance, wandering around the elemental storms.
  7. On a lighter note, Remi Abruzzo and Ronin Taliesin were married!
  8. A giant vampire gourd appeared in the Outskirts, rolling its way towards the Greatwood and carrying the blight with it. Luckily it was stopped by Samuel, Remi, Rexanna, and Melita!
  9. Much research is being done on the blight, including efforts made by Phoebe Steadman in {PQ} Discovering Diseases. No conclusive answers have been found, though many attempts have been made.
  10. {SWE} Into the Cloister a Fae yearly gladiator-type battle saw many unlikely candidates pushing their way through to victory, with Ianto triumphing over Rory, Melita beating out Remi, Wessex drawing first blood on Ronin, Adam managing to best Are, Amalia beating Edrei, Jigano defeating Deimos, and Kiada besting Lucas. In the end though, it was Kiada who faced off against Delah, the current Greatwood Guardian. Sadly, the fight was short lived, and Delah retained her title.
  11. Zariah Launceleyn was mysteriously sent away by the VOICE, leaving Edrei Launceleyn (the Rapacious) as acting queen. Edy quickly named Jigano Silversmith (the Sage) and Wessex Theskyra (the Wraith) as her co-leaders. However Jigano quickly abdicated the crown, and Edy and Wessex named Ronin Taliesin (the Fallen Star) as king instead.
  12. For some reason, Amalia, Deimos, Ronin, and Remi head back into the basement of the Spire in {KQ} change the tides. The thinking is that since Safrin became ill after falling into the Spire and being around the poisonous plants, maybe those are the cause of the blight. Though the group clears the plants, the blight continues unaffected. Oh, and the walls and ceiling crumble.
  13. Edrei was eaten by a landshark, leaving only Ronin and Wessex to rule!
  14. Leafchange concludes with the {SWE} Festival of Lights, where for the first time an Ascended (Wessex) was honoured with Ludo's presence and the memories of her mother and sister.

309 PC: Deepfrost. The darkest hours before the dawn.

The blight continues, symptoms growing worse and worse until Vi intervenes after months of silence with rose-planting tasks for both Grounders and Fae alike. The combination of roses planted as well as a sacrifice from Arduinna is enough to cleanse all those infected with the blight, just in time for LongNight preparations to begin.

Throughout Deepfrost the following occurred:

  1. In {SWE} Deliverance Vi planted a rose bush and left instructions to plant the blooms all around the Hollowed Grounds and the Greatwood in order to cure the blight. This proved a harder task than most anticipated however, as many of the blighted were instinctively drawn to disrupting the un-blighted gardeners.
  2. Amalia learned that even gods could go blight mad, finding herself attacked by Safrin when she came to try and get the goddess to prick her finger on one of Vi's roses.
  3. Given the developments that the ascended were the method by which the blight was spread (oops), Queen Wessex offers the ascended for flower-planting guards and begins prep for LongNight
  4. Deimos is named General of the Hollowed Grounds Armed Forces
  5. In a much needed moment of mirth and joy, Bastien and Rexanna are married! Their wedding present from The Voice is a one night gift of orgasms!
  6. In good deeds unpunished Arduinna sacrifices herself so that her magic might aid Vi 's efforts to stop the blight.
  7. Not without a bit of whimsy, a memory-snow dinosaur appears in {RE} Long Forgotten, resulting in Melita channeling Ludo to keep Loren from stealing the dinosaur's items.
  8. In {KQ} my family tree the VOICE calls her children to her, with Wessex, Rexanna, Amun, Lucas and Samuel answering. She tells them to fight the Mathair (and the newly arrived Fae) so that she can kill the tree. Almost immediately Lucas is struck down, however after a lengthy battle, the Voice sends out a pulse that devastates all within the area, killing the fae, the tree, and rendering her Bright Ones weak and useless. However as they return to her she explains that the Mathair is actually a portal, and that soon after LongNight there will be other worlds for them to explore. Giving them each an upgrade for their valiant efforts (not you Amun) she also gives all the ascended a one-use pulse to keep them safe from the LongNight monsters.
  9. Multiple PQs are held to reinforce the Temple and the Monster Hunter's Guild, where the Grounds will be divided during LongNight. Luxere are called, food is gathered, medical supplies are stocked, and the spark bird perch is built.
  10. Jigano, Amalia, Kiada and Deimos embark into the underground to try and find the rest of Safrin 's library. They indeed find it, but strange things ensue: a 'portal book' that seems to show the locations of known portals (revealing a wintry location called 'The Citadel'), and a strange door leading to a galactic room that unhelpfully answers questions (until it spits you out).
  11. In a decision surprising to some but not to others, Ronin abdicates the throne, leaving Wessex solely in charge of the Hollowed Grounds.
  12. LongNight begins and almost immediately things go wrong. Wessex 's heartbeat door to protect the Rathskeller is almost immediately compromised as one of the monsters uses Cera 's hand to open it, before killing him and entering the bar. Loren, Sunjata, Lusea, and Wessex try to barricade the door but it is too late. Loren burns down the entire Rathskeller using his Spark Bird feather, killing the monsters, Chunk the beloved cat, and torching the entire place. When news of this reaches the MHG, Deimos and Remi fly to the Temple to retrieve Cera 's body.

    Meanwhile at the MHG, led by Samuel, Rexanna and Remi go out into the night  to see if the monsters are susceptible to ascended-upgrades. Though they successfully catch a monster in a net, things immediately go wrong leaving Rexanna blinded and horrifically injured while Remi and Samuel are both wounded as well. During this, there is a knock at the MHG which reveals the lifeless body of Caiside.

    Later, Kiada and Jigano seek out the wandering spirit of Ru'in who died the LongNight prior. They find him, and fight the monster who holds his soul, eventually being sent away with their lives if they return with acceptable ascended-upgrades to trade.

    Thought to be locked up at the Temple, Roana had been secretly hiding out at the MHG. Seeing a group of children outside she rushes from her hiding place, inevitably sacrificing herself for the safety of the children who flee into the MHG. Staggering in herself, she asks Ronin to burn her body to ensure she doesn’t bring any darkness with her, but he opts to behead her instead.

    A strange creature beckons in the darkness in {DROP} I dug some graves you'll never find, with Peter winning an undead luxere companion.

    Though there are indications that monsters have already made their way into the MHG, in {RE} light it up, up. the entire building catches fire forcing all those who sought shelter there out into the cold. Thanks to the herd of luxere however the group manages to make it to the Temple, and after a few safety measures, all are let inside. However Caiside, Roana, and Cera 's bodies burned as did the entire guild.

    Though it's unclear if Edrei 's ghost really was knocked loose because of the Rathskeller fire or if it was a monster impersonating her, Ezra opens the door and is pulled into the night.

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