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Noe Carpenter

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So it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
The morning was bright and sunny when Noe left Jude's apartment and started on her trek to the beach. Despite the early hour, it was already hot, and as the girl made her way through the still-sleeping city, she wiped away the sweat that dripped down her temples. Longheat was her least-favorite season, and it was fast approaching. At least the beach would be cooler, with the wind blowing in off the waves. It was part of why she liked Torchline so much.

Shops began to open around her, market stalls coming alive as vendors began to shout prices and tout their wares. It reminded her of home, but better - without even a hint of the violent storms that still seemed to plague Stormbreak. Maybe she'd go shopping on her way back to the apartment. There wasn't much there in the way of decoration, and Jude could probably use something bright and welcoming when he got back from his trip.

Noe kicked off her shoes when she hit the sand, reveling in the way it felt between her toes. With her sandals in one hand, she meandered down the beach, her destination standing starkly above the horizon. She'd never seen Aumakua up close before, and today, she'd decided, would be the day.

When she finally made it to the base of the lighthouse, the girl set aside her shoes, stripped down to her bathing suit, and laid out a beach towel, then reclined upon the sand. She was completely at ease here in a way that she'd never been at home. Here, she was more than Mahina's daughter or Koa's sister - she was herself, and she was growing to find that she liked what that meant.
You can tell me when it's over
If the high was worth the pain

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